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Support question of the month: How do I record MIDI instruments with Music Maker?

Support question of the month: How do I record MIDI instruments with Music Maker?

It’s something every digital music producer will experience at some stage. Music editing software offers a impressive range of virtual options, but there comes a point when you’ll want to record an instrument yourself. This can be for a number of reasons, maybe because the mouse isn’t the best tool for creating complex melodies or because all the hours spent producing music with your computer have inspired you to create something of your own. Most music enthusiasts can’t afford a recording studio where they can pick and choose the instruments they want to record. MIDI keyboards, on the other hand, are used by lots of producers. Which leads to the following question:

What’s the best way to record MIDI instruments using a USB keyboard in Music Maker?

Record MIDI instruments with Music Maker software is simple:

1. Connect your USB keyboard

Before you can start MIDI recording you need to connect your keyboard to the computer. Once you’ve done that you can turn it on, at which point the drivers for the keyboard will automatically be installed.

2. Check the settings

You can now open MAGIX Music Maker. You should check the program settings before recording to make sure they are correct. Simply press “P” to open the settings window, then click the “Audio/MIDI” tab. It’s important to check whether the correct “Input device” is selected. It also makes sense to go to “Driver selection” and select an ASIO driver in order to reduce latency.

Audio/MIDI options

A quick check of the program settings at this point will save time and make things easier later on.

3. Selecting instruments

Drag and drop instruments from the Media Pool into the arranger, or alternatively use the “+” icon in the track header. Once you have selected an instrument, you need to click on the “MIDI REC” button in the respective track. Now test the USB keyboard by pressing a button. If it’s working properly the term “MIDI” will light up in green in the volume display.

Option 1: Drag the MIDI instrument into the arranger field

Audio/MIDI options

Option 2: Select the MIDI instrument above the “+” in the track header

Audio/MIDI options

4. Recording a melody

Use the “R” short cut or click the Record button to start recording right away. Just like music production with the mouse, there’s no limit to the creative possibilities when recording with the USB keyboard –

just start recording!

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Interested? Try out the free full version of MAGIX Music Maker for yourself.


  • I can play great stuff on string ensemble, but cannot record any vst.I followed these instructions exactly (pretty much what i’d been doing until i looked here) and nothing.I’ve tried all different options in the Audio/midi area.How can i record what i play?

    • Hello,
      I’m sorry, there must be something wrong. Please get in touch with our User Community on or use our Support App on our Facebook Page.
      Thank you.

  • I visited many web sites however the audio feature for audio songs current at this web site is actually marvelous.


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