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The latest Photo & Graphic Designer – all features at a glance

The latest Photo & Graphic Designer – all features at a glance

With its unique combination of photo, vectors, text and design tools, Photo & Graphic Designer has made a name for itself in its user community. And it’s no surprise: Its easy operation makes it simple for users to apply their own know-how in order to create flawless images and illustrations.

A range of new features in the latest version of Photo & Graphic Designer make the program even easier to use than before,  whether you want to edit photos or create new illustrations and collages. Get perfect results in no time at all!

What should you expect in the new version?

The new Photo & Graphic Designer is now more flexible and creative and faster than ever before!

In addition to options for modifying documents and files and an unlimited spectrum of colors for your pictures, you have access to a massive selection of illustrations, templates and new Smart Shapes. The general performance has also been improved, making the software faster and more efficient than ever before. Create custom images and edit photos and documents in record time.

What new features are included in the latest version?

More flexible workflow with Magic Resize

The new Magic Resize tool lets you customize social media posts for Facebook, Instagram and other platforms by adjusting them to the right size without distorting your images. This saves you having to create individual posts for different social media channels.


All-in-one graphics

Anyone who works with multiple graphics programs is familiar with the issue of incompatible file formats. Photo & Graphic Designer lets you freely select file formats. You can easily import, edit, export and exchange files with friends, with no limitations.


Unlimited creativity with colors

CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key) support and color separation up to RGB enable you to work in any color space. This means your flyers, photos and other projects will print without any distortion and will look exactly the same as they do on your computer.

More creative options than ever before

Get inspired by new creative content – there’s over 1 million archive photos & illustrations in the Online Content Catalog. 12 new social media themes including Business, Fashion, Sport, Nature, Restaurant and Travel are also included in the new Photo & Graphic Designer. Cool extras: All templates can be automatically adjusted in size.

More new Smart Shapes. More creative possibilities. Thanks to these premade shapes that you can easily edit yourself, you can create timelines and flowcharts in no time at all. Tip: Smart Shapes are also included as various shapes, speech bubbles and text fields.


The fastest designer program yet

Access up to 75% faster rendering for seamlessly editing large photos and images. The 64-bit, multi-core support version of Photo & Graphic Designer makes it possible to work on complex documents with diverse components.

To edit a file quickly, you can create your own shortcuts for quicker access to tools and functions. This simplifies your workflow and makes it a whole lot more efficient.



And last but not least

Photo & Graphic Designer has 1 full year of free access to the Online Content Catalog with more than 1 million stock photos und illustrations by various artists. All images are free and can be used for commercial purposes. And best of all, Photo & Graphic Designer integrates seamlessly into Xara Online.

Curious about the program?  Order your copy of the new Photo & Graphic Designer now.

Or want a trial run first? Download the free 30-day trial version here and try Photo & Graphic Designer 15 out for yourself!

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