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Photostory Premium VR – MAGIX veröffentlicht VR-Software

Photostory Premium VR – MAGIX veröffentlicht VR-Software

With the release of Photostory Premium VR, MAGIX brings a new Photostory bundle to the market that focuses on one thing – virtual reality. The software is based on MAGIX Photostory Deluxe and expanded with virtual reality features and premium-quality effects. With the new VR software bundle, anyone can quickly and easily create a virtual reality experience and share photos and videos without the need for any specialist hardware.

Photostory Premium VR: Highlights at a glance

Virtual reality for everyone – all thanks to Photostory Premium VR! The software offers users breathtaking virtual reality features, enabling them to create interactive virtual worlds with their media.

Create virtual worlds from 360° recordings

With Photostory Premium VR, it’s now possible to create virtual experiences not just from 360° recordings and 3D content but also with standard photos and videos. Music and vocal elements can also be added in order to create a realistic room sound.

Create interactive tours

By connecting virtual spaces, interactive tours can be created to showcase your photos in a VR experience that the viewer can walk right into. Captions can be added to bring the viewer on a tour through your images and recordings.

Display slideshows in virtual space

Use the backdrop of a movie theater, or a cool beach lounge. Choose from different virtual spaces for slideshows presentation and showcase your photos for family and friends in a whole new impressive way.


Create virtual worlds with Photostory Premium VR

What do you need to create a VR experience?

Photos and videos taken with a smartphone or camera are perfectly fine for presenting photos in virtual space. If you want to create virtual tours, 360° recordings are required. For creating virtual content, you don’t need any additional equipment other than your computer – just like with the standard version of Photostory. Want the ultimate VR experience when creating your slideshows? For a more immersive editing process, use a VR headset to dive right into your new virtual world! You can share and play your projects using the free MAGIX VR-X Playeron PC or smartphone. The Suite Version of Photostory Premium VR also includes a VR smartphone headset for an even more realistic VR experience.

Create and explore your own interactive VR experiences! Get the new Photostory Premium VR and dive right into your new reality!

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