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Samplitude Music Studio – Record everything. And let musical ideas become reality.

Samplitude Music Studio – Record everything. And let musical ideas become reality.

With Samplitude Music Studio, solo artists, bands and aspiring producers can create a virtual studio workspace right in their home.

Best of all, the software includes the powerful audio engine used in Samplitude Pro X – so advanced producers will be satisfied too. The previous version included new virtual instruments, simplified workflows and a Quickstart Wizard for keeping the focus on music creation. And we’re continuing in the same vein in the latest version too. Four new virtual instruments, along with the Orange Vocoder ME by Zynaptiq, offer you even more creative freedom for adding the finishing touch to your songs.

Music production in three steps: Songwriting, Recording, Mastering

Includes support for implementing each and every one of your creative ideas, with 19 virtual instruments and the MIDI editor. Display, edit and print the notation for your musical compositions and take them with you to your next rehearsal.

Record your own vocals and instruments on up to 16 mono or 8 stereo tracks. 2,000 professionally produced sounds & loops are the ideal complement for enriching your tracks and making them sound even fuller.

Use the virtual mixer and the Mastering Suite to finalize songs with effects, editing options and mastering plug-ins.

The new virtual instruments.

Drums, guitars, piano or choir – with the virtual instruments, you can easily produce your own melodies and beats or program drum loops.

In addition to 7 different drum machines, 4 virtual synths, choir, folk instruments, accordion and the Vita sampler, the instrument collection now includes 4 fantastic new VST instruments. Keep reading to find out more about them!

Pop Drums

Pop Drums include both acoustic and electronic sets. This VST lets you see and hear the effects of individual controls on the instrument’s sound. Make your own beat with a bright mix of acoustic and electronic drum sets. It’s perfect for creating EDM, hip hop or pop.

Listen to demos for both types of set here:

Concert Grand

This digital concert grand piano is used in big sound studios around the world. Try it out in modern pop productions or to create a symphonic sound. Even if you are more into classical stuff there’s plenty of room for experiementation.

Have a listen to the Concert Grand in pop and classical samples here:

The Pop Drums combined with the Concert Grand are ideal for producing pop songs with powerful, dynamic piano sounds.

Church Organ

This instrument enables you to add spiritual sounds to tracks you’ve created. Church Organ authentically reproduces the sound of a Venetian organ. You can for example combine sacral sounds with classical virtuosity or thicken electric guitar tracks to give your composition more drama and authenticity. Or create soulful ballads and cinematic film soundtracks.

Listen to these samples to find out what you can create:

Cinematic Soundscapes

For writers of film scores the perfect tool is Cinematic Soundscapes – an instrument made for exotic and cinematic sounds! Combines dark dreamy sequences with grating basslines, cinematic keys, bells, effects, percussion elements and film-like Atmos. Mix mystical and dark sounds to give your film or song that impressive sound atmosphere.

Listen to these two demos:

Orange Vocoder ME

This effect for voice modulation was developed for MAGIX by Zynaptiq as a special Limited Edition effect. Manipulate the sound of vocals or spoken word or broaden a vocal range. It’s ideal for adding a kind of robotic voice to your tracks.


If you’d like to try out the new Samplitude Music Studio 2016 for yourself, download the Trial version! You’ll also find an overview of all the individual Functions on our product page.


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