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How do I record my screen?: Screen capture in just 4 steps!

How do I record my screen?: Screen capture in just 4 steps!

Besides the various functions for video editing, you can also record a video directly from your screen with Movie Edit Pro. This option is very useful for those wanting to produce a video tutorial for a software or record a film running on a PC. This function is called screen capturing and allows you to record a part of your display. In this way, you can record your desktop or even capture just a selected portion of your user interface as video. I show you how to record videos of your screen in this tutorial.

Screen capture made simple

Step 1:

Click on the “File” tab and select “Record audio/images/video”. This will open a window in which you can click on the screen as your recording source.

Selecting the source media for screen capture in Movie Edit Pro

Step 2:

A further new window pops up. Here you can choose your capturing settings. I suggest to adjust the resolution of the recording to the one for the screen. If you click on the red record button now, you will see the screen capture interface. We have just opened Music Maker to clarify this tutorial step.

Screen capture settings in Movie Edit Pro

Step 3:

The white frame represents the captured area. It can be enlarged or minimized however you like. Use this to either capture video of your entire display, or record only a small portion of your screen. In the small window on the right you can choose to adjust fine settings. If you want to record a tutorial for instance, I recommend to capture the cursor, too. This helps the viewer to get a better orientation of the software tutorial. However, if the window distracts your workflow, you can just simply untick “Display dialog while recording and the buttons for the recording are minimized and placed in the Windows bar.

Screen capture dialog in Movie Edit Pro

Step 4:

If you click on the red record button, it will record the complete area within the white square. And if you click on the stop button, you stop the recording, and Movie Edit Pro automatically opens. The recorded video material will be saved automatically in a timeline and can be edited if you click on the OK button.

Now, you can record your own tutorial or films from your screen. Here is CommiXV’s YouTube channel who has been creating tutorial using this process. Have fun with teaching and learning all about different software functions.

Interested in trying for yourself? Then, test MAGIX Movie Edit Pro for 30 days for free. Have fun!

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