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The new SOUND FORGE Pro Mac 3

The new SOUND FORGE Pro Mac 3

The wait is finally over! All Mac users and fans of the comprehensive audio editor SOUND FORGE can finally enjoy the new version, SOUND FORGE Pro Mac 3. With this, you’ll get a complete bundle for audio recording, editing, processing and mastering for the MacOS operating system, so it’s the perfect compliment for the studio as well as for post production.

What’s more, we’re pleased to announce that we’re going to develop the SOUND FORGE Pro series even further and kick start the Mac version! You can read a brief overview of this below.

In this article, we’ll give you a general overview of what the new SOUND FORGE Pro 3 has to offer in the way of tools.

Expanded signal and effect processing

We’ve advanced SOUND FORGE’s arsenal with new effects, like Noise Gate, Reverb, Simple Delay, Chorus und Flanger.


Metering according to industry standards

The various metering indicators are now designed with international standards in mind. This means that you can more quickly check whether your project complies with TV or radio standards (e.g. CALM standard, commercial advertisement, loudness mitigation). These master files will be finished fit for broadcast according to AES/EBU standards. You can also freely select the standardized regulations of your choice – e.g. EBU R 128.


Improved audio repair

Automatic clipping recognition searches for clippings in the audio material. Markers are then set in the places where there’s a clipping. This helps you to locate any problem areas quicker so you can fix them.


Dynamic rendering of project files

For non-destructive use of effects in your projects, you can now use the Chainer plug-in, even while burning Redbook-compatible CDs. You can save your project files, information about continuous effect chains and any further changes in just one click, saving you time.


Pre-listen to iTunes master versions

If you want to publish your project on iTunes, Apple will convert this into 44.1 kHz/32-bit AAC format. With the pre-listen feature „Mastered for iTunes“, you can adjust and change you material, and immediately pre-listen to how the end result will sound on iTunes.


Synergy with SpectraLayers Pro 4

A particular highlight is the possibility to work seamlessly with the new SpectraLayers Pro 4, where you can combine the best from both waveform editing and spectral editing to create amazing synergy effects!


Roadmap of the SOUND FORGE series

As we announced at the beginning of this article, Sound Forge Pro Mac 3’s release marks the starting point for the further development of the Sound Forge product family. Our developers in Germany and in the U.S.A our currently working on SOUND FORGE Audio Studio as well as SOUND FORGE Pro 12, which will be released in the next 12 months.

Take a look at the road map:


For more information on Sound Forge Pro Mac 3, you can check out our audio website!


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