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We present to you the winner of the SOUNDS OF SUMMER CONTEST!

We present to you the winner of the SOUNDS OF SUMMER CONTEST!

The work of our jury in the last few weeks has really not been easy. In the two weeks leading up to the deadline in August, you shared over 500 uploads with us on Soundcloud from all corners of the world. Almost 300 of these met all participant requirements and were entered into the playlist of all entries on SoundCloud. This compiled over three and a half hours of music, and the wide range of songs is just as diverse as Music Maker’s users themselves.

We want to use this opportunity to give a big thank you to all participants! We’re overwhelmed by your creativity and your enthusiasm and hope that you had just as much fun taking part in the competition as we did organizing it.

We’d also like to thank our partners Blue and iZotope, who have donated very high-quality prizes for this competition.

And now, we don’t want to keep you waiting any longer, here are the three lucky winners!

1st place: HEATH DWETHT – “Summer Rain”

Heath Dwetht can look forward to the ideal set for his home studio, worth a total value of $926.00: A Bluebird SL Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone ($299.99 value), a pair of Lola High Fidelity Headphones ($249.99 value), the plug-in iZotope Ozone 7 Standard ($249.00 value) and Music Maker Premium Edition ($129.99 value). Have fun with these!

Reason for the jury’s decision:

The winner of the contest stood out among the submissions quite undisputably! Heath Dwetht’s just under three minute track planted its originally recorded vocal hook directly in our memory. The Chillout and Rock Soundpools  were creatively integrated and the Rap sequences lend the feeling of a perfect summer hit, all of which is combined in a well-balanced mix. And now, we hope you enjoy, turn up the volume, and feel like singing along!

Free Soundpools used:

  • Chillout – Summer Rain
  • Rock – Rock Station

2nd place: Robby Zelz – “Here We Come”

In addition to Music Maker Premium Edition ($129.99 value), Robby Zelz will receive the Ozone 7 Elements plug-in from iZotope ($129.00 value).

Reason for the jury’s decision:

The crossover track by Robby Zelz was up among the favorites for this contest from the moment we first heard it. A Reggae vibe, which infuses Trap, Rock, and Dancehall influences, yields a catchy, laid-back number, which could easily find itself on any Trip-Hop collection and awakes a bit of wanderlust with its percussion and vocal tracks. This arrangement is impressive from start to finish.

Free Soundpools used:

  • Trap – Here we come

3rd place: Christian Stefanoni – “Formentera”

Christian Stefanoni will receive the brand new Music Maker Premium Edition ($129.99 value)

Reason for the jury’s decision:

An instant summer feeling from the moment you press play – Christian Stefanoni’s Electro track energizes within the first few seconds. Techno and House Loops were paired with additional synthesizer and piano recordings and arouses an image of an island holiday with chill beach parties. This track definitely deserves a place among all summer party playlists, since we think it will get your feet moving!

Free Soundpools used:

  • Techno – 5am
  • House – Soulful House

Many congratulations once again to our three winners! And to all participants: We hope you continue to have fun making music with Music Maker!

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