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Start your live-stream with MAGIX Youcast today!

Start your live-stream with MAGIX Youcast today!

What do PewDiePie, Smosh and Tanya Burr all have in common? They all not only run successful YouTube channels, but stream their shows live on YouNow or Twitch as well. Live-streams are the new trend and you too can create your own live-stream! From how-to videos to gaming, shopping hauls to tutorials – the new MAGIX Youcast is the perfect software to broadcast your live-stream.

MAGIX Youcast is the simplest live-streaming software for gamers, musicians and performers of all kinds! Thanks to the program’s intuitive interface and practical templates, it’s easier than ever for anyone, even with little to no technical experience, to make their own live stream on Twitch or YouTube. With the help of new Intel® RealSense™ technology, it is possible to remove backgrounds without using a green screen, so users can make their streams totally unique.

The perfect templates for your stream!

So that you can begin streaming without spending hours sifting through complicated settings, Youcast offers a range of templates for live shows, game-plays, or screen capturing:

  • Live Cast is designed for performing artists and vloggers, who either stream live or want to plan their broadcast in advance. With Live Cast, you add all the media you want to use later to your screen before broadcasting. Then, when you’re filming, you can open the songs, photos, and videos you’ve added with a click.
  • Game Cast  is the best template for gamers who want to live-stream their Let’s Plays. This picture-in-picture template shows your game in full-screen and you commenting in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.
  • With Screen Cast, people can share their knowledge via professional live broadcasts. This template displays the desktop directly in full-screen and is perfect for live-streaming tutorials, interviews, workshops, webinars, and other types of presentations.

Decide which template suits your stream and then you can begin the show!

Youcast-templatauswahl_en_rgbLoads of effects for individual live-streams!

Although it works with all webcams, Youcast is the first streaming software that also fully integrates Intel® RealSense™ technology for users. This technology automatically recognizes the depth of the shot, so that people in the foreground and the background are distinguished from one another. This enables users to swap out backgrounds automatically in real time without using a green screen. In only a few seconds, you can use this technology to change your live-stream’s backdrop from your collection of pictures or videos. It’s never been quicker to go to Paris or make it on the red carpet!

Whether or not you own a RealSense™ camera, Youcast offers countless other options, which can be added in real time during your live-stream: the automatic image optimization feature provides for flawless images, picture-in-picture options, and text and filter effects, such as a sepia or black and white.


Start today: your first 30 days are free!

To introduce you to this new software, MAGIX will give you a full-version of Youcast that you can use for 30 days! You can download directly from our website!

To use the software after your first 30 days, you have the option of a monthly subscription for € 3.99 and a 12-month subscription for € 29.99. Find out everything you need to know about Youcast subscriptions in our FAQ.



Deborah has worked at MAGIX since 2005. During her studies in Communication and Film Sciences, she freelanced as copy editor of texts and video tutorials for the MAGIX products. Since 2012 she works in Product Marketing and she is takes care of the Webvideos and Educational department.

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