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Support Question of the Month – How to install VST Plug-ins in Music Maker ?

Support Question of the Month – How to install VST Plug-ins in Music Maker ?

The most fascinating aspects of modern music production are the world of possibilities created, on an almost daily basis, by emerging digital technologies, new software, and applications. In addition to the option of recording MIDI instruments, you can also integrate virtual instruments, often referred to as “VST plug-ins,” into Music Maker. Anyone who is looking for more selection can add VST plug-ins to increase the possibilities for sonic variety. And considering the number of plug-ins available these days, the possibilities are almost limitless. One of the big advantages of Music Maker is the ability to integrate these plug-ins and expand the capabilities of the program. But the question for some MAGIX users is:

How can I install VST plug-ins in Music Maker?

Normally plug-ins can be installed in three steps:

1. Installation of the VST Plug-ins

The first thing to do is install the VST plug-in. During this process it has to be saved in the right folder so it can be used in Music Maker later. The path for this folder is „VstPluginsMAGIX“.


2. Adjusting the Music Maker Settings

Once the VST plug-in has been installed, Music Maker can be opened. Now we want to adjust the program settings. Pressing „P“ opens the settings dialog. Now we’ll open the „Folder“ tab and click on the button „Add VST Plug-in Path“. The folder that contains the VST plug-in is entered here.


3. Opening the VST Plug-in in Music Maker

Now it’s time to use the VST plug-in! But first the Music Maker mixer has to be opened in order to access the plug-in. To open the mixer simply press the „M“ key. This will display 8 of 16 tracks, each of which can be assigned a different effect, but for now we’ll focus on our new VST plug-in. To use it we have to open the dropdown menu under the „FX“ and „AUDIO“ buttons. The new effect can be found under the point „VST FX“ > „MAGIX“, in my example the „ZRev“.


Now it’s time to try it yourself! If you want to get an idea of the difference a good VST plug-in can make in a song, check out the MAGIX „Vandal“. Have fun!


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