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TapeTape – From self-trained cameramen to successful filmmakers

TapeTape – From self-trained cameramen to successful filmmakers

The story of Philipp Schumann and Björn Brahmann from TapeTape is proof that it’s worth following your dreams. The teacher and physiotherapist met each other when they were trainees and began a small film project together using MAGIX Movie Edit Pro. Their films went down so well that they continued to make them. Since then, they’ve set up their own independent film production company.

TapeTape are based in Halle, Jena and Leipzig (depending on where the filmmakers happen to be staying) and make films mainly of weddings and concerts. They’ve also worked with well-known artists such as Jose Gonzalez. TapeTape’s films demonstrate keen powers of observation, an instinct for quieter moments and a unique use of color.

In this interview, Philipp and Björn tell us why they rely on Video Pro X for editing and post production.

When and how did you get into video editing?

After experimenting a bit with videos separately as a kind of Sunday hobby activity, things got serious ten years ago when we did our first short film together with MAGIX Movie Edit Pro.

What was the biggest challenge for you as novices in filmmaking?

For us, the most important requirements for a good video are motivation and staying power. In the days when there was no such thing as Youtube tutorials, and you basically had to teach yourself everything, the clear, self-explanatory setup of the MAGIX program helped build the basis of something that would become a passion for us.

How did you become aware of Video Pro X7?

Video technology is developing at a rapid pace and because of this demands on software are also increasing. We were hoping for a long time that a video editing software would come out that would be as powerful as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut, but be as user-friendly as MAGIX Movie Edit Pro. So when the MAGIX Pro range finally came out, there was only one choice for us…

What in particular do you like about the software?

MAGIX excels in improving each new version of the program by adding helpful features. We have been consistently impressed by the streamlined and easy-to-use interface. With the new stabilizer and the vast range of options for color correction, the program is a multi-purpose tool.


On your website, there are videos of weddings, but also of concerts. Which are more fun to film?

We have fun no matter what we’re filming. But working in a professional context with an artist such as Jose Gonzalez is pretty special.

In terms of the future, where do you see yourselves and your video projects in ten years?

It’s a dream of ours to accompany an artist on an international tour, film them and make the results into a DVD of the tour.

You can the fantastic videos the guys have made on their website. Or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

We’re excited about what the future will bring for TapeTape and we wish them success!

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