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The art of capturing love, Vicente Alfonso´s weddings reportages

Vicente Alfonso

We know Vicente Alfonso for quite a bit now. We got in contact with him through his blog where he talks about different techniques, tricks and gives advice for photographers. We were always very impressed with his original wedding photography that combines art, humour and emotions. These pictures really capture the unique mood of such an important day and the essence of love. In keeping with the upcoming Valentines mood, this month we have chosen a spectacular shot from a wedding day.

I started my career as a photographer in a sudden way. I studied engineering but I never really liked it. Ten years ago I started taking pictures and learning eagerly about cameras and techniques. Soon I got my first requests from clients. I became a professional just by showing my work on the Internet. People liked what they saw and I started to be offered some work.

We really have a thing for black and white, it just makes pictures look so strong and epic. The newly married couple kiss under the threatening stormy skys just protected by a fragile umbrella. Besides them, a huge tree personifies the power of their love. This is a very inspiring picture and I´m pretty sure the bride and groom were quite happy about it.

I had spotted this location before the wedding, I was a bit obsessed with this Holm oak and I definitely wanted to have it in the photos. On the Wedding day there was a huge storm and I took that umbrella with me. I don´t really remember why I thought introducing the umbrella in the picture would be a good idea. The light in the umbrella is a remote controlled flash that the bride triggered with the back hand. After a bit of editing, turning it into black and white and some adjustments I got what I wanted.

Take a look of Vicente Alfonso wedding reportage on his website and blog to get some inspiration and don´t forget to test your editing skills with the new version of Xara Photo & Graphic designer 9.

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