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The new object tracking in Movie Edit Pro 2016

The new object tracking in Movie Edit Pro 2016

Familiar with this problem? You’ve made a great beach video on your vacation and want to share it on YouTube. But people you don’t know can be seen clearly in the background. You can’t publish this footage without their permission, as this would infringe on their personal rights. But how do you obtain permission when you don’t know who they are? The same issue arises when you’ve been filming on a street and have captured the license plates of passing or parked cars. As the plates can easily be linked to the vehicle owner, you can’t publish these recordings either.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use your videos! Here we’ll explain how to blur content in your videos with the improved object tracking in Movie Edit Pro 2016.

Distorting content in your video

Removing unwanted elements and blurring faces and objects in photos is easy. Since objects and cars in videos are usually moving, it’s important that the blurring effect (such as a black rectangle) moves with them.

With the help of improved object tracking, you can pin image objects to moving content in your video . The pinned object automatically follows the movement of the content you’ve selected. Here’s how to use object tracking:

  • Place the video you want to edit in the timeline. For longer takes, you can add in two cuts to isolate the area you want to edit. This helps speed up editing.

  • Now add an image object to the track below.

  • Tip: If you want to use a black rectangle, use the template available from “Effects” > “Design elements” > “Image objects” > “Deco”.

  • Alternatively, you can add colorful backgrounds and customize their shape and size. (You’ll find this option under “Design elements” > “Backgrounds”.)

Deco objects

  • Important: Before pinning an object to a location in the video, you need to adjust its position and size (“Effects” > “View/Animation” > “Position/Size”). Drag the black rectangle to the size you want and move it to the right location in the preview monitor with the mouse – for instance a person’s eyes or a license plate.

Adjust Size and Position

  • Right click on the object and then select “Attach to picture position in the video”.

Attach to position

  • You will then be asked to select the moving content in the video (the person’s face or license plate) with the mouse by dragging a frame around it.

  • The animation for the image object is then calculated and saved automatically.

  • To reposition the image object, repeat this process until you’re satisfied with the result.

  • Play your video to see the newly created effect in action. Repeat these steps for other parts of your video that you want to edit.

Select picture position

Instead of using black rectangles, you can animate many other objects in the same way and add funny beards, glasses or thought bubbles. You can pin all sorts of objects in one video.

Title animations

You’ve probably seen titles pinned to a person’s shoulders in films – or more likely in documentaries. Object tracking can be used in the same way. Simply add a title object in the timeline under your video. After you have adjusted font and color, set the position and size with the mouse by pulling the title into the preview monitor. Continue as above to pin the title to the image content.

Title animation

Want to try out object tracking for yourself? Download the trial version of MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2016 now and get started! Have fun editing your videos!


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