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A glimpse behind the scenes at the new Video Pro X

A glimpse behind the scenes at the new Video Pro X

The latest version of Video Pro X is here – interview with Product Owner and CPO

1) Video Pro X has always offered a price/performance ratio within the professional video editing product area. With the introduction of 4K, 360 degree and VR editing and deep color support, the market has become more challenging over time. How does Video Pro X stand out in the market, in the face of competition that is often significantly more expensive?

“Significantly more expensive” is the term to remember here. With Video Pro X, we strive to offer the best price-performance ratio in the pro sector. We’ve alway been known for bringing professional features to a wider market and making them intuitive for all kinds of users. And our ambition is always to bring new features to the market that have never been made available in this price category before.

2) What’s the future for 360 degree?

We were the first to bring the 360 degree function in video editing software to the consumer sector. The latest version of Video Pro X now includes more functions than ever and represents our longest list of 360 degree features yet. Market figures for 360 degree cameras are rising, as are the number of models on offer from manufacturers. 360 degree cameras provide the best option for an action cam 2.0. Simply record everything you see, so there’s no chance of missing out on something. The technology has lots of potential – among other things, it can used to create an impressive VR presentation.

3) Movie Edit Pro is another another sophisticated video editing program from MAGIX. What is the added value of Video Pro X when compared to Movie Edit Pro?

We’ve developed Video Pro X for advanced and professional users who need to produce broadcast-ready results. So Video Pro X is built to fulfil different expectations to Movie Edit Pro, which is geared solely towards home users. And that’s right from the format support: In addition to H.264 and 10-bit HEVC, pro formats such as AVC-Intra and DVCPRO can all be processed – with color depth of up to 12-bit and 4:4:4 chroma subsampling. Another important aspect is the extent of detail possible in the editing options. Many features in Movie Edit Pro are simplified for easy use, or are automatic. The shot match feature is a good example. In Movie Edit Pro, this feature lets you synch scenes or entire videos so that they match. In Video Pro X, the user can directly compare camera recordings thank to dedicated lookup table support, and then apply other looks to his or her material. And finally, the wide range of features offered in Video pro X is a huge bonus. More multimedia tracks, a second source monitor, comprehensive color grading, significantly more options for effect design and professional audio post production in 5.1 Surround sound offer users with high professional demands exactly the range of features they need for their productions.

4) In the December 2016 patch, important internal color grading workflow processes were switched to 16-bit deep color. How has this enhanced editing options in the latest version?

The December patch laid the foundation for deep color in Video Pro X.In this step, the most essential processing was switched from 8-bit to 16-bit deep color. This made it possible for the first time to import HEVC 10-bit material and export it again without having to experience any loss in quality. The latest version of Video Pro X is now even more detailed and we’ve finalized the color grading workflow for deep color. With settings for color depth, color space and chroma subsampling, the user now has total control over their workflow and results. Thanks to lookup table support, we have also switched internal effect calculation to LUTs. This step alone has brought the program to a new level of quality and has also improved performance. Users with a monitor including deep color support can also optimize export for their monitor in the latest version.

5) What other new features does the new version have in store for users?

The new Video Pro X version is our biggest update since version 1. In addition to internal modifications and optimizations, the new version includes a wealth of new features: Clor grading in deep color, lookup tables support, new professional effects/features, 360 degree editing with stitching and wireless media and project transfer.

6) What are they all about and how do they work together with the shot match feature?

Lookup tables are the professional video production standard int he sector nowadays. Lookup tables (LUTs for short) save color grading information, offering total freedom of interpretation for your video material. Thanks to new support for lookup tables the program can synch flat recordings with LUTs from the camera manufacturer or upload cinematic effect LUTs to create unique film styles. LUTs can easily be imported to Video Pro X and applied, or custom created and saved. Best of all: Editing using LUTs significantly reduces load on your CPU/GPU.

7) Familiar video effects such as lens reflection from Movie Edit Pro have been transferred to the new version. Are there plans to transfer effects from other MAGIX programs?

There are of course synergy effects that users can take advantage of.This makes real sense for some features, and for others not so much. It’s all about weighing up added value, target group and customers’ requests. We have a clear tendency to use potential when and where we see it.

8) How has the software performance improved?

Let’s just say this: a lot! We’ve worked extensively on the stability and performance: From improved hardware speed on export to speed optimizations thanks to intern lookup table processing, to inking the logic behind the preview monitor, quite a bit has changed – and the user will immediately get a sense of this when working with the software. Playback performance alone is now 5 times smoother than before – even with 4K material.

9) How far can you incorporate customer feedback into your own workflow?

Customer feedback is the most essential aspect for us. Our beta community is very active and we have an extensive exchange with our users. Thanks to the update service, we’re now publishing larger feature updates several times a year, rather than the once a year as previously. In this way, we can make the most of user feedback and directly respond to customers’ requests.

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