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The Perfect Valentine’s Gifts for Your Boyfriend

The Perfect Valentine’s Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Have you still not found the right Valentine’s Day present for your boyfriend? Perfumes, chocolate, underwear, puppies are all a bit on the cheesy side. So, why don’t you think about something that might be both appreciated and useful? The keyword of 2011 is passion. Think about what he likes and figure out a surprising and unpredictable gift!

To help you brainstorm, here’s a list of gifts that will make your individual boyfriend melt this Valentine’s Day:

1)      The Athlete

Does your boyfriend play on a football team? Why don’t you volunteer to follow him at his practices or matches and record some of his more memorable plays? You could then collect some old videos from the ‘beginning’ of his career and make a real movie about his own experience in sport, with a simple software like Video Easy. Voilà, a nice present that is surely unexpected and easily shared with friends and family over YouTube.

2)      The Music Lover

Your boyfriend is crazy for music. He listen to the latest songs and bands. He has a music player, a massive mp3 collection, a Hi-Fi system and all the rest. Well, maybe he’d like to try his hand at making music, not just listening! With a software like Music Maker, the step between “I listen to music” and “I make music” isn’t so difficult!

3)      Budget Presents

This Valentine’s Day you don’t have such a big budget, but that’s no reason to give up on making your boyfriend happy! You could just download our  MAGIX FunPix Maker software and easily modify a picture of you two together. Make it look funny, sweet, or romantic. Then you could decide to print it, or just load it as screensaver on his computer. He will definitely be surprised!

4)      Not Enough Free Time

If you were planning to go on a trip with your boyfriend, but don’t have enough time,the solution is to be original! Use your imagination to go back in time, to the last time you two were relaxed on the beach, you visited a city or you spent time without stress. Collect the best relaxing pictures from the past years and create an original slideshow to watch with your boyfriend whenever you want! Here’s the software totally free for you: Slideshow Maker!

…Found the present, time to exchange!

Now that you finally found the right present, you definitely need to find right moment to give it to him. The best way to do this might be to make a special moment: create the right atmosphere for the evening with a candlelight dinner, good food, a little bit of wine and, of course, good music.

For the perfect music selection, you should definitely download the mufin player on your computer and let it do the hard work: create the right playlist for the moment, selecting the most romantic tracks directly from your music library.

Your Valentine’s Day will be perfect and unique!


Valentina has been part of the Social Media Team since 2010. She is passionate about all forms of communication, especially film and literature. In her free time, she studies German and attempts to get her grandmother's old recipes right, with rare but wonderful success

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  • Some people may think that DIY gifts are too out of date with the amazing social progress.
    The cost of a custom canvas print starts at $50 and can inch well over
    $100. Frame any scraps of paper or art so your friend can keep the diy
    gift for years to come.


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