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Tips for buying an action cam!

Tips for buying an action cam!

Action cams are now more popular than ever before, and are used these days in almost all kinds of situations. They make it easy to film videos and take photos of all kinds of sport – at any height and with any backdrop imaginable. Finding the right action cam for your needs can sometimes be difficult. There are so many different price classes, manufacturers and models, and getting an overview is not easy.

Read on to find out which action cam is best for you and what you should know when buying one.

Options for your budget

When you’re looking around for the perfect action cam, you need to be conscious of your budget and be sure about how much you’re willing to spend. Be aware that the accessories supplied with the camera may be different between manufacturers. Any extra accessories you might have to buy, depending on the model you decide on, could take you over budget.

Requirements for your action cam

Think about what you actually want to record using your new action cam and about requirements for the photos and videos you’re going to take. For instance, does your camera need to be waterproof? Are you going to be recording fast-paced action sports? How long should the battery last? Everyone has different needs when it come to action cameras.

Photo requirements

Pay attention to image quality when you’re buying. Ideally, you’re looking for a high resolution with the right bit rate, low noise, color and texture areas, and light sensitivity. If you’re not so familiar with these aspects, there are plenty of online forms and blogs which explain them in detail.

Find out about the frame rate

You want your video to run smoothly. The more images per second your camera captures, the better it can record truly dynamic moments. You need at least 25 fps (frames per second). If you want to film sequences that are really action-packed, it’s best to get a camera with 60 fps or even 120 fps.

Attachments & mounts

An adjustable mount is essential for attaching your camera to objects. Some cameras come with a large of attachments, while with others, attachments need to be purchased separately. Consider where and to what you need to attach your camera when you’re using it and whether the right attachments will be supplied. To ensure high image quality, the attachment should not make the camera shake too much.

Smart link

Action cams need to be compact. However, the screen can suffer as a result of a smaller size – and some models don’t even have a screen. As an alternative to a screen in your camera, check whether there is an option for accessing the action cam and SD card via smartphone. With this option you can view recordings live, upload finished recordings and edit them directly on your smartphone. To transform your video clips into awesome films, have a look at the Fastcut app for Android!

Don’t let the fun run out

One thing you really shouldn’t forget is battery life. It’s rare to see a camera with less than 1 hr 30 minutes battery life for sale these days. Of course, the longer the better! Make sure that the battery charging time is reasonable and doesn’t last longer than recording time. It’s best to buy a camera with a removable battery so that you can carry a spare with you in your bag and not worry about your battery running out.

Get creative with post-editing

When you’ve found the perfect action cam, you need the right video editing program to go along with it. If you want to edit videos quickly and easily and don’t have any previous experience, Fastcut is ideal. This software program is compatible with all standard action cam models and edits videos automatically to the music’s beat. It includes a range of editing templates and you can also create your own from scratch. Try out the software for free now. If you’re already familiar with Fastcut, you’ll be delighted to know that a range of great new editing templates is available! With more choice and more individuality, Fastcut makes video editing more fun!


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