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The Top 10 Music Channels on YouTube

The Top 10 Music Channels on YouTube

YouTube offered a breath of fresh air to the music industry. The video streaming service made it possible for talented young artists, who otherwise would have never been discovered, to publish their music and help it to become a viral sensation. We want to take a moment in this installment of our Top Ten YouTube series to share our personal picks for the coolest music channels on YouTube.

We have picked a smattering of songwriters, composers, cover artists, and we’ve even considered the odd album review channel. All of them have impressed us with their creativity and content. So without further ado…

Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling has earned worldwide recognition for her incredible fusion of violin arrangements and dance. She used YouTube to rocket herself to stardom early in her career and seems to still prefer YouTube as a medium despite a busy touring schedule. She stands out from many of the other musicians on our lists with her impressively cinematic compositions and videos.

Mackenzie Johnson

Another rising star on our list, Mackenzie Johnson has made appearences on VH1’s “Make or Break” and at the TEDx Talks. In spite of this major exposure, she cuts her teeth by uploading weekly performances singing covers, originals, and medleys, which she arranges for guitar or ukelele and accompanies with her beautiful vocals.


Flula is a Los Angeles-based performer and comedian, whose musical work on YouTube could be easily overlooked. Among his many vlogs, interviews, and other work, he beatboxes, covers, and improvises humorous songs. His popularity is growing (he has started making regular television and film appearences) and we think it won’t be long before he makes a big splash in the LA scene.

Anthony Fantano

The “Internet’s Busiest Music Nerd” is a true music aficionado. Many YouTubers have their own genre or niche, but Fantano has an understanding of music as a medium and the graceful touch of journalistic integrity, which transcends genre. Chances are that you like an artist that Fantano has already reviewed and it’s always worthwhile to hear his take on their work.

Alex Goot

He’s more than just a dude with a piano. It may seem like a simple concept, but we’re impressed with the sensitivity and dynamic that Alex Goot masterfully weaves into songs. Among his solo gems, you’ll also find many collaborations with label artists and very talented YouTube artists.

Eclectic Method

Although one of the lesser known channels on our list, Eclectic Method has well earned his place on this list. A DJ/VJ of world-renown and creative understanding, his YouTube videos shine in their originality. They sample of any and everything (including series and movies) to create extremely clubbable music – but in the end, you might be confused as whether to dance, or sit back and watch.

Epic Rap Battles of History

The team behind Epic Rap Battles of History consistently makes entertaining, witty parodies of a celebrity death match, but in rap battle form. Ever wondered what would happen if Walt Disney and Frank Oz wrote diss tracks or Mozart and Skrillex roasted each other? ERB has an answer for you.

Nicole Cross

“Singing is my passion,” is how this 22-year old German modestly describes herself on YouTube. However, you wouldn’t think she would have so little say with a voice that says so much. Cross has published 44 videos of beautiful covers, which are shot intimately in close frame in small studios. Modest indeed.


This talented, young Floridian duo is a good example of the impact that YouTube has had on popular culture. For a following of over 225K, they arrange, conceptualize, film, and edit music videos of their pop-punk covers and original songs on a weekly basis… And they do it all without the backing of a professional film crew or label.

Rob Scallon

More than your average metalhead, Rob Scallon is a very talented multi-instrumentalist who might be disappointed about us using metal in the first five words of his description. His YouTube catalogue spans the range of arrangements to challenges and interactive stories to metal covers using banjos and shovels.

We hope that you like our picks and perhaps found a new subscription from our list! Feel free to comment on our choices below and recommend channels that we might have missed. If you are interested in starting your own music channel on YouTube or Twitch, check out a free trial of Music Maker and Movie Edit Pro for the perfect combination to get your channel up and running.

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