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Our top articles from 2016!

Our top articles from 2016!

Last year we gave you a whole range of inspiring articles, including helpful tutorials, updates on new features, plus tons of tips and tricks for our software. It’s time to cast a look back – and say thanks for checking out our articles last year! This magazine article comprises a list of the articles that were most popular among our readers last year. Have a look now and enjoy the retrospective!

Video editing: The most important features at a glance

“Welcome to little Hollywood, our stop on the road to the land of cinema dreams.” So starts our article which presents an overview of essential techniques for editing video. Packed full of information on everything from takes and settings for scenes and sequences to rules for cuts and transitions, it’s a really helpful read.

FAQ concerning MAGIX takeover of Sony products

One of our biggest announcements last year was our takeover of a large portion of Sony Creative Software products. You’ll find the answers to any questions about the takeover in this article. Since the article came out last summer, we have brought out new versions of VEGAS Pro as well as SpectraLayers. This year there are more exciting developments in store. We’ll keep you posted!

Success on YouTube with the right equipment

You want to start posting on YouTube, or you already have a channel of your own and want to optimize your videos? This article shows you which hardware you need to produce your own web videos for YouTube.

Audio Devices, Settings, and Buffers in MAGIX Music Maker Premium

This is another great article from our guest contributor Derek Neuts. He routinely shares tips on hardware and software for audio production and audio editing, which let beginners and advanced users alike create the perfect production by selecting the right settings.

The ultimate list for avoiding mistakes on the movie set

Detailed web articles about making movies and thick film school books can appear too long, confusing or complicated. So we compiled a short check list that you can use at the start as a kind of cheat sheet.

VST instruments in MAGIX Music Maker (part 1)

More and more, hardware keeps disappearing from studios to be replaced by new software. VST instruments are the biggest “displacers” in this phenomenon. Here we show you how to use them in Music Maker!

Recreate the Star Wars opening crawl!

The opening to Star Wars, with its intense opening music and Star Wars logo which appears in the middle of the screen and then gradually disappears into the vastness of the universe, is one of those iconic film moments which burn themselves indelibly into your memory. This article explains how to easily create your own Star Wars opening crawl!

Music Maker’s Newest Tool: Orange Vocoder ME

In this article, learn how to give vocals in your song a unique sound. After you’ve finished an arrangement and have recorded vocals and produced the instruments, you might want to add a cool vocal effect. The Orange Vocoder by Zynaptiq makes it possible.

Tips for filming with quadcopters

Tilman Herberger, who’s both responsible for software development at MAGIX and an aerial video enthusiast, shares his experiences with us in an interview. Take a journey into the world of aerial video.

Voice optimization: Brilliance with a vocals exciter

Building a vocals exciter effect to give your vocals a brighter, stronger presence is easy and doesn’t have to cost the earth. This tutorial shows you how to do it in 4 simple steps. Good luck!

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