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Topic of the IFA 2011: The Tablet PC

Topic of the IFA 2011: The Tablet PC

From September 2
nd to 7th 2011 Berlin is the location for the important trade fair for consumer electronics, the Internationale Funkaustellung (IFA). While in recent years technological innovations with abbreviations such as HD, AVCHD or 3D where dominating the trends at the fair, this year the Tablet PC is taking over the exhibition spaces in the West End of the German capital. These portable computers which operate with a digital pen or finger on a touch sensitive screen have been around for some time, but the industries big names are hoping through the IFA for a further impetus to raise awareness among a wider section of the public.

The company with an apple in its logo is leading the field of Tablet PCs, but the competitors are catching up: Several well-known manufacturers use the IFA to showcase their new and improved equipment and to compete with the “iMarket-Leader”. How big the share of the market will be for manufacturers such as Samsung or Sony – who have both announced new Tablet PC’s for the exhibition – remains to be seen, time will tell. But there is movement in the trade with these flat and mobile computers and it is indeed a well known fact, competition is good for business.

The Tablet PC and Software 

How to make music on a Tablet PC was already the subject of an article in our magazine. To edit a video is a complex and resource-intensive process. It certainly needs to be checked, for which operations it will be a benefit to use a touch screen and for which it will make things more difficult for the user. MAGIX already now offers its users a direct export of movies edited with the video software Movie Edit Pro to a Tablet PC. That freshly cut holiday video can be transferred quickly and easily to the mobile computer – since the biggest benefit of a Tablet PC right now seems to be the simple and elegant way to present media files … let’s see how much this statement needs to be revised after this years IFA …

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