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Two projects, one DVD

Two projects, one DVD

In this article, I will show you how to burn two projects on just one DVD. In general, it is very easy with Movie Edit Pro. However, let us still try and explain the major steps in more detail. In this example, we will merge a video film and photos – in other words, two projects – and burn them on just one DVD.

 Round 1

First, we will drag the video material onto the timeline of Movie Edit Pro and then cut the film as we wish. This means, we can cut scenes to the appropriate length, add titles and transitions as well as background music. You have just about set up a whole project and can name it now. Let us move on to the second project:

Before we can start, we need to click on the movie symbol above the timeline and choose “New movie”. A window will show up asking if the current project should be closed. We need to choose the option “Dont close” which will then remove all elements from our timeline. Our first project is temporarily gone now – but do not worry, it has been saved and we will need it later on.

Round 2

We will start working on our second project by dragging a few photos onto our timeline. With Movie Edit Pro you can work with both: movies and photos. If you need to, you can also correct and edit photos, add titles or even use the Slideshow Maker. You can find the Slideshow Maker under Edit>Wizards>Slideshow Maker. This small little additional program lets you create high-quality slideshows. Once we have finished doing that, we can save our second project. The final step now is to burn everything on a DVD. To do so, click on the option “Burn” above the image.

The program will ask you if you want chapters to be created automatically. If you click on “Yes”, you can later on jump to your favorite chapters without having to watch the whole film. Then, the Burn menu will appear and you will also see both projects we have just created – even the first project. Now you can merge both video and photo projects onto one DVD.

At the bottom, we can choose from a variety of effects and design the DVD menu to our taste. By double-clicking on one of these options, you can preview the effects. We will also edit the two icons of our project a little and add the date our project was created, and by double-clicking on the symbol, you can change the project name. Furthermore, within the menu, you can choose color and fonts just like you want it to look. With the help of the fader, which is just below the symbol, you can edit the preview image by double-clicking. Only the preview image will be changed not the starting point of the DVD. Additionally, you can further edit the whole menu if you wish and burn it on a DVD – one DVD with two projects.

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