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The new update guarantee

The new update guarantee

Up-to-date software – the new update guarantee

We are happy to introduce the new update guarantee. This means that when MAGIX users buy the latest version of the software, they will receive a full year of regular new features, updates and content such as plug-ins and templates for free. This way, your software always stays up-to-date. 


Why is MAGIX introducing the new update guarantee?

The concept of software has changed hugely in recent years. Nowadays, software is no longer seen as a finished, static product, but rather an ongoing service – as exemplified by Windows 10 or developments in the app field. With the new update guarantee, we join this development and offer our users regularly improved functions, updates and new contents for creative media editing. Our software is continuously updated and further developed.


Just some of the advantages:

  • Always have the latest software version: From now on, it makes no difference whether you bought the program in March or in June. You will automatically install the latest version at the time of registration. This way, everyone uses software at the same stage of development.
  • New features and extras for free for 1 year: You will also receive regular updates after registering the product. After the one-year update guarantee has expired, you can extend it for a special price.
  • Software can be used for unlimited length of time: After expiration of the update guarantee, you can keep using the software as well as all included updates for your current installation. In case of a new installation after the guarantee expiration, the basic version remains unless you renew the update guarantee for another year. In this case, you will continue to receive all contents installed after the fact.

You’ll receive a notification by email or directly through the program any time new features, extras and plug-ins are made available. For this reason, we recommend that you sign up for our newsletter during registration.

To which products does the new update guarantee apply?

From now on, new editions of MAGIX software will be published without version number or year. Program names like MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2016 or MAGIX Web Designer 11 are a thing of the past. Instead, products will come with a “update guarantee”. This way, our customers can access the latest and most up-to-date software versions and get new features and improvements for free for a full year after purchase. This applies equally to download versions as well as software purchased from retail partners in stores.

At this time we already offer the update guarantee for the following products:

Additional products will follow in the course of the year. You can recognize all MAGIX programs with the update guarantee by the seal on the packaging or the product website.


Do you have any further questions?

You can find additional information and answers to frequently asked questions about the new update guarantee on our Information page.


Deborah has worked at MAGIX since 2005. During her studies in Communication and Film Sciences, she freelanced as copy editor of texts and video tutorials for the MAGIX products. Since 2012 she works in Product Marketing and she is takes care of the Webvideos and Educational department.

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