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Use Windows Programs on Your Mac #1

Some might be familiar with the following problem: You have just changed over from Windows to a Mac and realize that one Windows program or another is still useful. And now? Until recently, Mac owners couldn”t even use any Windows programs on their PC. However, there is a solution, and today I will show you three options of how to run MAGIX or any other Windows software on your (Intel)Mac.

Use Windows programs on your Mac – Method 1

Boot Camp – A slightly different Mac training camp?

Unlike a real boot camp, this software doesn”t have anything in common with a training camp. The word “boot” comes from the computer term “to boot”, meaning “to start the computer”. All Intel Macs that include at least Mac OS X Leopard 10.5 innately come along with this service program. This Boot Camp program allows you to install Windows alongside your Mac OS X.

The process of installing Windows on a Mac is very easy as its simply designed wizard guides you through the installation. During this process you will create a further partition, define a size and choose a version of Windows. Be aware that you will require an original Windows CD with a functional serial number to make it work properly. Once Windows is installed, you can always change over from Mac OS to Windows and vice versa.

With a native version (a real Windows without emulation or simulation) you can load all MAGIX programs without any problems or compromises – 100% compatibility. If you should not require the Windows partition any longer at some point, you can just remove it again with Boot Camp.

The following video clearly demonstrates in single steps how to use Boot Camp and set up Windows on your Mac:

Next time we will talk about “The virtual desktop – A near enough real PC on a Mac”. We will focus on how we can start the MAGIX Movie Edit Pro video editing program directly on Mac OS by means of a Windows simulation.

(Translated from Jan Janovsky”s German Original)

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