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7 Great Video Editing Channels for Upcoming Filmmakers!

7 Great Video Editing Channels for Upcoming Filmmakers!

YouTube has now established itself as a tutorial platform for many users. The video platform is like Epicurious and BBC Good Food for cooking and Instagram for photography fans: A creative point of contact for filmmakers and vloggers. Here you watch hours of guides, step-by-step tutorials and example videos and then replicate them yourself.Aspiring video makers should especially use this opportunities offered here, as video editing program are still quite complicated to get the hang of despite many updates to the program over the few years.

Now we’ll tell you our top 7 video channels, where you can pick up a lot of information and editing tips for programs like Movie Edit Pro, Video Pro X and VEGAS Pro!

Our Top 7 video channels:

1. CasualSavage

CasualSavage is a long-standing VEGAS Pro user who makes tutorials for his followers almost every day.
His expertise lies above all in his use and detailed descriptions of SFX (“special effects”). So if you want to know how to place a teleport animation between two frames or you want to become a super Saiyajin, then this channel’s right for you.

2. Brainstorm Tutorials

Mateus Ferreira is a video editor from Brazil and he’s been running the biggest Portuguese speaking channel for VEGAS Pro Tutorials for years. He’s been using the software since version number 9 from 2009. Over the years, he’s developed an individual repertoire of knowledge and skills that he impresses his 300,000 followers with.
Looking for Portuguese speaking video editing tips and tricks? You’re in the right place

3. Kreativecke/Fragekanal

It’s no contest that Daniel from the Fragekanal is a master in everything MAGIX software. He uploads interesting info videos and software tutorial almost every day that even we could learn a lot from.
In addition to the
Fragekanal, you can find the tutorials almost exclusively on his second channel, the Kreativecke. Here, you’ll find everything about Movie Edit Pro, Music Maker, Video Sound Cleaning Lab and essentially every software that we offer.
Let us introduce to you to the
El Dorado of German online tutorials.

4. Снимай и Монтируй 

For many years, Constantine has been a professional director, photographer and filmmaker. He puts his passion for the VEGAS products into his impressive and helpful videos and social media posts. His goal is to to show the world VEGAS Pro’s potential and to inspire people with it.
As early as the Sony times, Constantine was an important member of our user community, which is why we’re glad to have him on our side now. 

5. Zach King

Zachary King (better known as Zach King) started his career as an artist and actor almost 10 years ago on YouTube as a tutorial creator for the editing software Final Cut Pro. He became widely known through the video portal “Vine” and made a name for himself there as a video artist. In his 6 second clips, he shows magic tricks that have become massively popular with the help of cleverly placed cuts and optical illusions.
Now, he posts his short videos mainly on social media channels like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


A bit of self.-praise never hurt anyone! We too are playing our part to make working with our software as enjoyable as possible for our users. In our tutorial playlist on YouTube, you can find tips and tricks for all the programs in our repertoire. Take a look yourself, here, from Music Maker to Movie Edit Pro to Xara Photo & Graphic Designer, every user will find something for them.

7. Every Frame a Painting

Do you think essays are dry and boring? We’ve found the perfect counterexample for you on Tony Zhou’s YouTube channel. Tony analyzes films for their artistic aesthetic, whether it’s the editing or the soundtrack. These videos have not just been interestingly edited, but visually, their design is very aesthetically pleasing. The filmmaker’s particular narrative style behind his thought processes is emphasized from an almost educational perspective, which is one of the main reasons that his videos went so viral.

Cutting and editing films or videos is in itself a simple learning process. Our list should show you what’s possible when it comes to video editing and what you can get out of your program. Now it’s your turn; choose you’re favorite software and get started! Our recommendation for a great comprehensive package: MAGIX Movie Edit Pro.


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