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Video editing software workshop: Fun effects and more

Video editing software workshop: Fun effects and more

Once you have acquired a basic knowledge of video editing, you  will want to get a bit more out of your video editing program, Movie Edit Pro. That’s why, today, we will take a look at how to use some of the program’s features to optimize your video. We will review how to apply fun effects and give you some useful tips to  keep everything as simple as possible.

Start by drag your selected video clip into the timeline, here you can begind to add fun effects. Click on the fourth tab in the Media Pool, called “Effects”, to open the menu. This menu provides access to the program’s video optimization extras. Now, Click on “Image objects” at the bottom of the menu. You will see a series of small triangles pointing downwards. Each of these triangles is linked to another pull-down menu, so if you click on one, new options will be displayed. The “Image objects” menu includes numerous objects organized into clear categories. Take some time to browse through the options available. It’s worth it!

Now that we’ve dragged a clip into the timeline, double-click on the image of the telescope located in the window to the right. This tool allows us to see how the fun filter is applied to the video. The video can be played back right away and we can see how the effect looks. As a second example, we will select a pen to draw a circle into the video image. Again, a preview of the effect is available. You can adjust the filter’s size to optimize the result by using the orange handles (squares).

Another handy  feature in MAGIX’s video editing program,  Movie Edit Pro, is that you can see right away whether the filter and text are positioned correctly in the image or whether, in the final result, parts of them will be located outside of the frame. Movie Edit Pro allows you to make the necessary adjustments to avoid this. Let’s say, for example, that you want to include a title near the outer edge of the image. Would’t it be a shame if part of the title didn’t appear on the TV screen? This can be difficult to notice while working on your PC monitor, due to the difference between its dimensions and those of your TV screen. Thanks to Movie Edit Pro’s video editing features, however, this is no longer a problem! Click on “Effects”->”Movie Effects Settings” in the top taskbar. In the window that opens, click on the fourth tab, “TV cropping”, and tick the setting “Show TV screen area in preview monitor”.

Upon doing so, a white frame will appear in the preview monitor, which clearly indicates the range in which you should stay to create titles. You can see it clearly in the screenshot above. There are many other practical details in the program that will make video editing even easier and more fun. The following articles will show you these interesting features, so you can get the most out of your video editing program.

(Translated from Fred van Eck’s Dutch Original)


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