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Export Wizard: Video export made easy

Export Wizard: Video export made easy

Not so familiar with codecs, formats and resolutions? Then the Export Wizard in Video deluxe is exactly what you need!
Read on to find more about how the Export Wizard can help you export films in the perfect format.

Video export for all needs

Finished editing your video and want to share it with the world? It only takes a matter of clicks – then your video’s ready for uploading to Youtube, sharing via your smartphone or saving to your hard drive.
export wizard screenshot
First, click on the “Export” symbol in the top right corner of the screen. This opens the Export Wizard, which is where you’ll find the most important output options (mobile devices, social media platforms, hard drives).
Note: Other supported export formats as well as detailed settings options can be found in the File menu under “Export movie”. If you’re exporting a video this way, you’ll need to know which format and resolution you want to use.
export wizard - selection of export options screenshot

Your choice of export options depends on what you’d like to do with your video. Do you want to upload it directly to YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo, view it directly on your TV or you phone – or simply back up as a file first?
The following options are available:

1. Output as video file with the Export Wizard

Save your finished film directly to a storage medium. This option is suitable for viewing your movie on a computer or sharing it with others via a backup device. You can choose the quality level and format via the settings. Don’t worry if you’re not completely sure about which settings you need. A little dialog pops up for each option to make things clear.
export wizard - save movie on computer screenshot

2 Export to device

If you want to keep your finished film with you at all times, you can export it to your smartphone or tablet. After you select a device, suitable export settings will be made automatically. If your device doesn’t display, or you’d like to play around with the export settings yourself, go to “Export to device” in the File menu to see a greater selection of device types.

3. Output as media player

If you want to be able to play your movie online or even integrate it into your own website, you can export your movie as an HTML-enabled media player. The quality settings also include explanations to let you know which setting is right for you.

4. Export 3D movie

And of course, you can export 3D videos too! By now you probably know on which kind of device you’re going to view the video you’ve created.

5. Upload to Internet

Uploading your finished video directly from the program to YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo is simple. Enter a title, description and keywords in the fields provided and you’re ready to share your film with all your friends and followers.
export wizard - upload to the internet

Haven’t used Movie Edit Pro yet, but want to find out how the Export Wizard can make life easier? Download the free trial version of Movie Edit Pro now and try it out for yourself!

Tip: How do I choose the right format for my project?

Which video format should you use? Which is better for shooting and editing? What’s best for transcoding or export? We demystify it for you here!


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