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Rescue your old video recordings with a video grabber

Rescue your old video recordings with a video grabber

If you want to preserve childhood memories, play back wedding videos or have a laugh at your old ’90s fashion disasters, a video grabber makes it possible. Home device technology has moved to digital and the video cassette is now pretty much a redundant format. DVD player, recorder and all devices with a built-in hard disk are all digital. But by using a video grabber, you can rescue memories from years gone by on video tape and bring them into the modern age.

Turn old into new: Digitize your VHS collection with the video grabber

Although it looks just like a USB stick, a video grabber can’t save files – but can work digital magic on your analog video data. It works by connecting old playback devices to your PC and transferring the data between TV or video recorder and computer.


Video grabber

Many houses have a heap of old video cassettes in the corner in formats such as VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, Video-8 or Hi8. They all have one thing in common: they’re obsolete. Even if these tapes have been stored correctly (upright, not lying on their sides), which can delay the decomposition of the magnetic tape by about a year, the devices on which you play the tapes haven’t stood the test of time.

JVC, inventor of the VHS system, stopped production of their video recorders in 2008 and it’s getting harder and harder to find these devices even in peoples’ homes. And although it’s easy to do away with old electronic devices, video cassettes are harder to part with. So when opportunity arises, use a video grabber to rejuvenate your old tapes. They suffer a loss of quality over time and are rendered unusable. If the films you have a really old, it”s best to act as soon as possible – regardless if you bought the tapes or recorded them yourself.

How does a video grabber work?

To digitize analog media, all you need is the playback device for the media you want to save and software that works alongside it. The video grabber connects to your PC per USB and via SCART, RCA or S-Video cable to the playback device. A good video grabber should include an adapter for these kinds of cables. With the software’s help, a digital version of your analog video material will be transferred to the hard disk of your PC – ideally in MPEG2 format.


Scart adapter for video grabber


It’s up to you whether you want to edit your newly digitized material or keep it in its unaltered state for documentation reasons and future discovery. The fact that you even have these options is all thanks to the small, unprepossessing video grabber.

So if you decide to digitize and back up your VHS tapes, MAGIX offers the perfect solution in the form of our comprehensive video conversion package “Rescue your Videotapes!”, which in addition to software includes a USB video grabber and SCART adapter for transfer. What’s more, the package offers a whole range of editing options such as cinematic video effects and automatic image optimization along with a clear user guide.

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