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Video of The Month: Constatin’s View of the World

Video of The Month: Constatin’s View of the World

Constantin GaborConstantin Gabor’s videos came up in a search for MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Tutorial’s on Youtube. Constantin has produced almost 200 videos using MAGIX Movie Edit Pro,showcasing his many interests. A solar energy expert by day and marketing genius by night documents his adventures to become as resilient as SurvivorMan, Les Stroud.  His youtube channel showcases all of these incredible interests, views of his world, and some pretty crazy stunts. After having my own little survival adventure while skiing in the Alps over Christmas, I returned to Berlin to find the snow had all melted away. I instantly went to Constatin’s page and found, to my delight, a new video of a horse drawn sleigh through the snowy mountains of Romania.  We caught up with Constantin Gabor, last week, to discuss his enthusiasm for movie making in all walks of life.

 What sparked your interest in video creation?

In the beginning, I wanted to show the world how great I was (silly me, heh?). I used to shoot my climbing and mountaineering tours just so I can share the videos online. It was my way of bragging. :-)

Lately, I shoot video for the sake of doing videos. I just like it and it doesn’t have to be about me.

When did you start producing films and why did you choose to use MAGIX software?

I started doing videos after I got my first GoPro HD camera, in January 2010.

Once I got the camera, I realized I had a problem… The programs I had on my computer couldn’t import MP4 video in H.264 encoding so I started looking for other video editing software. That’s how I found MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Plus and I’ve worked with it ever since.

Whats your favorite effect or functionality used in video editing?

In MAGIX I like the simplicity (I hate complicated software) and the adjustable playback speed, it lets me easily do slow motion or time lapses.

I loved the video tutorial about sleeping in the snow, how did you come up with the idea for this project?

Since I started to do videos on my outdoor tours, I also attracted outdoor gear brands who have sponsored me with stuff (sleeping bag, climbing rope, hydration pack, etc.). Some of my vids are dedicated to the sponsors (like these winter videos).

Is video creation a hobby or a career for you?

It’s a hobby but I also did some client work and also sold HD footage to a Bulgarian production company. They’re doing a documentary about Bulgaria and some of my shots will be in the movie.

The first videos that I did (winter clips included) were quite bad in quality. I didn’t know much about export settings. Now my skills have improved in shooting and editing as well.

Between Rails with a DIY Slider

Who has inspired you to create all your films?

Almost any videographer out there that have published his/her work online. I basically steal ideas from all over the place.

What do you like best about working with video?

It’s the best way to tell a story, even though I don’t do much storytelling in my videos. But video has the power to affect more than, say, a set of 10 pictures.

There is also a social aspect when shooting videos. You go to different locations, people see you with the camera on the Steadicam and they come to you and ask you “Hey what’s that? What are you shooting?”. It’s a great way to meet new people.

What advice would you give other film makers who would like to start making adventure sport videos of their own?

The best thing you can do is just start. Start with what you have: phone camera if nothing else is available. Shoot a lot, try to be creative in your shots (use a home made slider or a DIY steadicam) and take your time when editing – use only the best shots and make your video short (3 to 5 minutes max.).

Once you start doing videos, your creativity will rise exponentially so don’t be discouraged if you don’t know how to do it. You’ll figure it out.

Also, if you get into video, other good opportunities may come out of it – like I got sponsored with outdoor gear. So why not do it, right?


Constantin has web presence for each of his many talents including Energy,  Marketing, and Adventure GO Pro Tips. I recommend you visit his Youtube channel if you have hours to spare for looking at some of the craziest adventure stunts, beautiful vistas around the world, and Movie Edit Pro Tips.


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