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Video of The Month: Diana’s Young Voice of Fashion and Digital Creativity

Video of The Month: Diana’s Young Voice of Fashion and Digital Creativity

Diana 287x300 Video of The Month: Dianas Young Voice of Fashion and Digital CreativityWith children beginning to use computers at birth, they are equipped with skills and knowledge to create remarkable digitally creative projects by the time they are in high school. Our Video Blogger of the month, Diana, was found on YouTube a couple months ago. To say the least, we were truly amazed by this creative young girl. About once a week, Diana will film footage of a makeup tip, outfit creation, or random life tip. She then edits this footage herself, records audio in both German and English, uploads the video to both of her YouTube channels (one for each language), and then adds images and English copy to her blog. What is truly remarkable is Diana is only seventeen and still working on her diploma for secondary school. She is a Native German speaker and is learning English in school. Diana remarked in our interview that she thinks she has an advantage because of her knowledge of software and aptitude to learn new programs quickly. Diana’s real advantage is in her interest and drive to share her creativity with the world. Diana is normal just like Charlie Lyne, Nick Normile, and Tavi Williams, yet they are remarkable because of their motivation to share truthful teen opinions about current affairs and personal interests. We can all learn something from these maturing young digital blog minds as they’ve yet to be clouded by motivation for profit or exposure.

My name is Diana and I am a 17-year-old student. Currently, I am still in secondary school working towards my diploma. In my spare time I hang out with my friends, my dog, yoga mat, and will occasionally shop one or two afternoons at the mall. If I’m not doing one of those things, you can find me comfortably seated behind my SLR.

How important are computers in your life?

It’s safe to say without computers my life would be much more complicated. I need a computer for most activities at school and to keep in contact with friends all around the world. Also, I spend a lot of time in front of the monitor to edit pictures or videos that I have made with my beloved single reflex camera.

Has working on creative digital projects at home helped you in school?

A certain amount of computer know-how is always assumed today. However, my skills in picture editing help me particularly in art classes and it is always a plus, when a homemade video is embedded in a class presentation.

How has working with a computer influenced your creativity?

Working with a PC certainly helped me to free my creativity. I was never good at drawing or handicraft work. Now, I have a platform on which I can let out my creativity. I love to think about ideas and concepts, then shoot something with my camera, and finally create something, comfortably, using the programs I know.

Do you think that the things you do now will help you later on in your work life?

I am sure about that! In the meantime, I always feel compelled to do more than just to write a document. I have dealt with many different video and photo editing programs, this has certainly helped me to understand new software easier. Later in my life, these skills will definitely be an advantage.

What is your favorite MAGIX software and why?

I love Video easy 4HD, because it allows almost everybody to edit raw video material into a minor piece of art. You can put some effects on your video, add some nice music and your shaky holiday video becomes a minor film short.

 7657z 1024x682 Video of The Month: Dianas Young Voice of Fashion and Digital Creativity



You can find adorable fashion tips and  with Diana in German or English on her Youtube Channels and her independently managed Fashion Blog. She noted using Video Easy4HD in her interview (you can try it out here), though we thought she should put her software use agility to the test and an upgrade to further develop her movie editing skills was in order. She is now working on Movie Edit Pro 2013 (which you can also try out here)

  • G Corbalanc

    Creo que tiene una voz muy bonita, esta misma canción, con un poco de arreglos de violines y violas sería maravillosa. Creo que esta bella joven,  esta en el buen camino.
    La pronostico un futuro musical de mucha altura. FELICIDADES

  • G Corbalanc

    En el anterior comentario, quiero decir que si, la pronostico un gran exito, por que tien una bonita voz y una bella melodía. FELICIDADES

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