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Video of the Month: Francesco’s Alps

Video of the Month: Francesco’s Alps

I am not sure what your dreams are like but mine go something like this: hiking up a mountain in the Alps, skiing down it, and then heading home just in time for dinner. Twenty-three year old amater filmmaker Francesco Panero not only lived my dream, he filmed it. Clapier – The Longest Journey is one of Francesco Panero’s many short films in which he both chronicles his alpine adventures and makes the rest of us intensely jealous. The short film is great sensory escapism with blue skies, jagged peaks, mountain streams and fresh snow. We caught up with Francesco to discuss the film, what he loves about film making, and what’s next.

First off, can you quickly tell us about yourself?

My name is Francesco. I’m 23 years old and I live in Fossano, a small town in the middle of Piemonte, Italy. I have a degree in Medical Radiologic Technology. My ambition is to get a job that allows me to travel and, of course, climb and ski.

Your film focuses on Skiing, how does Skiing make you feel? 

I started Skiing when I was a child but have only developed a passion for mountaineering and skiing in the past five years. I realized I wanted to climb mountains during my first ascent of Mont Blanc. I was paralyzed by all that beauty. Skiing makes me feel free, wild, fast and it’s the best way to visit mountains during the winter season. I love everything about Skiing, even the suffering!

Clapier – The Longest Journey from Francesco Panero on Vimeo.

What brought you to film making? 

I started filmmaking a few years ago, just as a joke. I still don’t take it too seriously, it’s just pure fun and creativity.

What do you want people take away from your film?

When people watch my films I hope they find them interesting and engaging. I want it to be something fun, something personal, something new.

Why do you use MAGIX software? What do you like about it?

I think MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium is one of the easiest and fastest to learn pieces of software out there. It’s very simple to use but at the same time is complex enough to give you a large amount of possibilities.

What hardware do you currently use?

I use an Olympus TG-1. I am thinking about buying a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition so I can shoot videos when I’m moving, Skiing or cycling.


What advice would you give to others interested in starting film making?

Try to make everything as short as you can. Amaze yourself first, then you can be sure others will like your work too.

What’s next?

At the end of July, I will be 4600m above sea level on top of Mount Rosa. I hope to do a great video of that amazing experience.

All photos here taken by Francesco himself. Check out more of Francesco’s videos on vimeo:

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