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Video Pro X5 Introduction – #4: Effects

Video Pro X5 Introduction – #4: Effects

Video Pro X5 provides many effect options and templates. To give you an idea of how you can enhance your video, I will focus on the “Effects” in this section. But before any effects can be used, you must first highlight the relevant object. You can then control the tab “Efffects” at any time via the mediapool.

This is divided into video effects, movement effects, stereo 3D, audio effects, design elements, your own templates, and additional effects.


I will briefly explain what these different categories are. External plug-ins, such as “NewBlueFX Titler EX” and “NewBlueFX ColorFast” supplied with Pro X5, can be found in the menu item “Additional effects”.

The opposite to this is “Your own templates”. Here you can save and upload self-made effect configurations to use later. “Design elements” provides a large number of templates for collages, color fields for several backgrounds, and freely positionable and animatable image objects.

For “Audio effects”, different sound settings can be changed or effect presets can be directly incorporated in the selected object.

It is possible to produce and process 3D videos and photos via “Stereo 3D” and to mirror, rotate, distort, and twist images, change the position/size, and create camera/zoom shots via “Movement effects”.

The most frequently used effect configurations are located in “Video effects”. Many of these configurations (e.g.focus, color, brightness/contrast) are self-explanatory. It is interesting to note that the brightness and the contrast can be automatically corrected as well as manually changed. Furthermore, you can remove red eyes in “Color”.

Chroma Key allows you to perfectly release objects or people against single-color backgrounds.

I find the “Artistic filter” and “Distortion” very useful for creative minds who want to give their video a very special touch. It is all here and you can let your creativity run wild.

As you have most likely noticed, the possibilities when using the effects are virtually limitless. Unfortunately, because of this multitude, I cannot describe each feature. But there is one effect I find particularly noteworthy. In some movies you can see that everything is in black and white except for a specific object (also known as selective color correction). I would like to reset this effect with the “Color correction”. Once “Color correction” is selected, you can click on “Add” and then on “Foreground”. Now you can create a mask that separates from the rest of the “Background”. You can then highlight the object that should later stand out in color with the pipette. If the selection is satisfactory, you can click on “Background” and set the saturation to zero. A black and white background is created and the selected foreground layer can be adjusted via the color controller.


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