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Full sound control: video sound editing with MAGIX

Full sound control: video sound editing with MAGIX

Enhancing a video’s audio track is an essential component of video editing and is very important if you want to create an impressive movie. But how can you optimize a video’s audio track without much effort? In this article, I will show you how. First, insert a video clip into the timeline. An additional track with many “peaks” will appear below the video track. This is the so-called “Waveform”. This is where we will begin to adjust the sound.

Let’s say, for example, a clip’s audio is too loud and needs to be adjusted. There are different ways to go about this. The easiest, but relatively inaccurate, method is to pull the small square downwards in the waveform. This makes the entire audio track quieter. This is the quickest, but not necessarily the most precise way to go about adjusting a video’s audio track. The alternative: click on the audio track with the mouse and select the “Volume curve” option.

A green line will appear in the top part of the audio track, which allows you to adjust the sound more accurately. If you hold the mouse pointer over the green line, the pointer turns into a black triangle. Move the mouse to the section that needs adjusting and click on the green line. A square appears (the handle). Click on the green line in the audio track again and drag the handle downwards with the mouse. Listen to the result. If the quality is not good enough, click on the audio track again and use the handle to adjust the audio until it meets your needs.

Separating video / sound

If the audio is completely unusable, it can easily be cut out. Similarly, you can cut out the audio of a particular scene and insert it into a different section of the movie. To do so, click on the audio track and then on “Ungroup” (the icon above the timeline with the broken chain). As soon as you click on this button, image and sound will be separated, allowing you to delete or move the audio. If you want to merge image and sound back together, hold down the Shift key, click the image and sound elements until they turn orange, then click on the “chain” icon above the timeline again. This is called to “Group”.

Movie Edit Pro also offers extensive options for audio mixing. I will publish an article on this topic soon. In the meantime, try out the tips on video sound that I have outlined in this article. Good luck!





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