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#VideoFriday – Cigarette break

#VideoFriday – Cigarette break

Let’s end this week with a new #VideoFriday. If the Don Juan of Molière begins praising the snuff tobacco, today we show you a video from an user which focused his art on the act of smoking (thought we remember that is not an healty use). Anyway, the video caught our attention for its originality and creativity. Whit the name of “pause-clope” (which sounds like cigarette break, in french), >RecYo present this video edited with Video Pro X but, to make it perfect, he also created the soundtrack using Samplitude.
The highlight of this video: the ethereal music, very suitable for cigarette break, the cloudy atmosphere that surrounds the entire image and the abstraction of the spirit that this great video shows in just 2 minutes. A set of images that the camera manages to capture: a little break to smoke a cigarette, hot coffee, the smoke coming out of the cup…

We leave you with the video and hope you enjoy it.

“Pause-clope” from >RecYo on Vimeo.

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