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The 10 best videos for last minute Halloween tips

The 10 best videos for last minute Halloween tips

Today is Halloween and same as every year, you ask yourself the same question: how are you going to celebrate? Are you going to dress up as somebody? If you’re having a party, what creepy decorations are you going to put up, and what kind of themed snacks and drinks will you have on offer?

In this article we’re going to give you the best last minute tips to make your Halloween party the creepiest one yet!

Halloween costumes:

The original concept behind the costume was to dress up in a scary outfit to drive away spirits – that’s why dressing up has become such an important part of Halloween.

So first of all how will you dress up – go for the traditional creepy, bloodcurdling costume or just dress up as a cowboy or a pirate?

If you’re going for a spooky or creepy costume, we’d like to give you some tips to really make people freak out!

How about a Zipper Face outfit? This is where you create a half-open zip effect on your face, with part of your face painted red. It makes your skin look as if the zip is ripping it open.

It’s a great idea for both guys and gals and of course you could place the zipper elsewhere on your body – the eyes for instance.

You could also try facepainting. Guys could dress up as The Crow or The Joker from Batman to really attract attention. There are a whole lot of different options for girls, although a quick look online shows that if you want to stand out from the crowd, don’t go as Harley Quinn – it’s a pretty predictable look this year.

Alternatively, try out sugar skull facepainting to create a fantastic effect.

When it comes to costumes, there’s no limit to your imagination. Dress up in the scariest outfit you can imagine! There are tons of tutorial and ideas online to help you give your look the finishing touches.

Halloween decorations:

Make Halloween memorable with the right decorations – from the classic Halloween pumpkin at your front door to decking your house out completely in cobwebs!

Check out this tutorial to learn the right way to carve out a pumpkin:

Another amazing idea for last minute decorations is these demon eyes made from toilet roll and neon lights.

Put them out in the bushes in your front garden to create a really cool, creepy effect!

Halloween snacks and drinks:

Any party needs snacks and drinks – so for a Halloween feast why not make these creepy too?

This video shows you a range of spooky snacks you could make – the spiders they create are particularly impressive.

But if that’s not going far enough, you can even try creating ghastly, glowing drinks. They’re sure to be a talking point.


Halloween-themed music:

For a spooky atmosphere, you need the right music. To save time searching in your collection for the perfect bloodcurdling tracks, there are some good Halloween compilations available.

Here are two good ones that last for over an hour and will guarantee a spookily good atmosphere.

But if you do want to create your own Halloween playlist, try out MP3 Deluxe!

Halloween tricks:

Everyone’s familiar with trick or treating. If you don’t give out treats and sweets to kids, you’ll get tricked. Before, these tricks were in the form of “only” getting eggs thrown at your house or having it decorated with toilet roll. However, more sophisticated Halloween pranks have emerged in recent years, where unsuspecting passers-by are given a fright by someone in a creepy costume.

We’re fans of the mutant spider dog prank video:

But if you’re going to try out a prank yourself, don’t take it too far. A little shock might seem funny afterwards, but don’t use fake weapons or follow somebody. Please also don’t try to prank someone dressed as a clown, as there have been some attacks this year by people wearing horror clown costumes.

Jimmy Kimmel shows how pranks don’t have to be nasty or creepy, but have the right balance of funny instead. He has asked parents to send him videos in which they tell their kids that they have eaten all their Halloween candy.

See the priceless reactions of the kids in last year’s video:

We’re sure he’s going to have another great video this year.

So if you’re going to throw your own Halloween party, have a blast! And if you want to create your own videos of the evening or make a prank video, the automatic video editing functions in Fastcut will help you big time. On the other hand, if you want to edit your own Halloween tutorials, we recommend Movie Edit Pro.

You can try out the trial version of any MAGIX product for 30 days for free!

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