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The New Virtual Instruments of Samplitude Music Studio 2016

The New Virtual Instruments of Samplitude Music Studio 2016

Samplitude Music Studio 2016 is improved and better than ever. By far, the clear choice for making high-quality home studio recordings and now with improved genre templates, so you can start recording a project quicker and easier. With the new virtual instruments which Samplitude Music Studio offers, post-production and songwriting are not limited to the practice space or studio. In fact, Samplitude Music Studio’s virtual instruments mean that practice and working out ideas is as easy as connecting a computer to a MIDI keyboard and you have your instrument. Then, you can even have a recording of your pratice session.

Big band in a box

We’ve included four completely new Vita Instruments to our stable recording interface and already extensive library of tools. Whether with the new luscious Cinematic Synth, a hearty Accordion, the country jangle of Folk Instruments, or the resonance of Choir, Samplitude Music Studio’s virtual instruments will give you everything you need in a powerful digital audio workstation to record or write your demos with or without the help of other musicians. In total, there are 19 virtual instruments spanning diverse genres which give you everything you need in a powerful digital audio workstation to record or write your demos with or without the help of other musicians–virtual Synthesizer, Electric Piano, Century Keys, String Ensemble, Century Guitar, Power Guitar, Electric Bass, and Rock Drums, just to name a few. With the addition of these instruments to the eight existing Vita Instruments, you might end up asking yourself the question: who needs bandmates when you have Samplitude Music Studio?

Insgesamt stehen euch 19 virtuelle Instrumente aus diversen Bereichen zur Verfügung und machen Samplitude Music Studio damit zu einer mächtigen Digital Audio Workstation: virtuelle Synthesizer, Electric Piano, Century Keys, String Ensemble, Century Guitar, Power Guitar, Electric Bass, Rock Drums und weitere.

Check out the new virtual instruments in this demo:

Opening Virtual Instruments

Select the track you would like to work on within your project and then open the mixer by pressing the “M” key (or by selecting “View” > “Mixer”). This will open the mixer which displays all of your tracks listed from left to right in columns. In the third row down, you’ll find the “Inserts” section, where you can select virtual instruments (with are listed in the “VSTi” submenu), effects, and additional track options such as plug-ins.


Using Patches

In each of the virtual instruments, there are a number of preset patches which you can use to quickly find a sound you like. If you want to further modify the amount of characteristics, effects, or reverb of the patch, you can do so by adjusting the parameters on the virtual instrument’s console. Once you have found a sound that you like, you can save this by opening the “Plug-in” menu on the Vita Instrument console and clicking on “Save patch”.

patch save

Patch Settings

Each patch comes with a set of parameters which adjust the tone and characteristic of the virtual instrument. Here is a short overview of the most common parameters and their use:

EQ: Adjusts bass, middle, and treble (i.e., low, middle, and high frequencies)

EQ color: Adjusts the brightness or darkness of the instrument. Comparable with a presence control.

Attack: Sets the length of the volume swell when first pressing a key.

Hold: Adjusts the time the note will stay at its peak between the attack and decay phase.

Decay: Changes the release from the attack phase of a note to the sustain phase.

Sustain: Modifies the volume level of the held note.

Release: Sets the length of time the note will sound once the key is no longer pressed.

Vita Cinematic Synth

The Vita Cinematic Synth includes a large palette of preset voices and effects which offer many sounds useful for lead, pad, percussive, and other-worldly tones, but with a focus on creating ambient tones. On a similar level to MAGIX’ DN-e1, the options within this instrument are vast, but set up to help you achieve a patch which you like faster. If you experience option paralysis, start with a default setting and then adjust the parameters of the synthesizer to achieve a custom tone.

Preset patch effects: Bit-crusher, phaser, flanger, distortion, chorus, delay, and reverb.

cine synth

Vita Accordion

The Vita Accordion is the perfect addition to add some old-fashioned dynamics to a track, but can also be edgy without sounding hokey. The base settings of Vita Accordion cover two classic accordion sounds which can be modified with the key noise, release noise, EQ and EQ color, as well as a pitch control.

Preset patch effects: Chorus, delay, and reverb.


Vita Folk Instruments

Into folk music, country or bluegrass? Vita Folk Instruments can help you write a song for the entire band, whether you need banjo, bass, guitar, percussion, or a vintage piano. For each instrument, there are six presets, which you can further modify with the three-band EQ, pitch, and color.

Preset patch effects: Chorus, delay, and reverb.


Vita Choir

Samplitude Music Studio also includes the new Vita Choir in its virtual instruments. The characteristics of this virtual choir can be set with the help of synthesizer-like parameters, such as attack, hold, decay, sustain, and release. The EQ, color, pitch, and reverb options add the final touches to making patches sound more organic.

Preset patch effects: Chorus, delay, and reverb.


Create your own recordings!

With Samplitude Music Studio you have a multitude of tools at your fingertips! Create and innovate new sounds with its virtual instruments and share your music with the world!

Learn more about Samplitude Music Studio or try out a free trial version here.


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    I just purchased this SMS2016 and I found the instruments are really too good and especially strings accordion and guitars. Very useful for my type of music.Although i have some problems in the begining but soon i will master tho


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