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WC 2010: Hope for ball magic

Breathtaking tricks, elegance, quick and assured moves that almost resemble a dance, but carry the risk of broken bones and torn ligaments: This is Brasil‘s game. Or, this is what most of the fans and the tuned-in public wish their game would be. Right now, however, Brazil mostly lives off its myths from the past. Samba, scantily dressed dancers, green-and-yellow raging crows around the stadium and vivacious players on the field who hardly give the opposing team a chance with their otherworldly playing, making it look so easy and fun, that noone can resent them for their victory – this is not how things stand today. At present, Brazilians concentrate on efficiency and showing sparks of creative potential, after which the disciplined rows close in and attempt to regain the control of the game.

Brazil vs Ivory Coast

Their arrogant performance in Germany at the 2006 WC has already cost “Seleção” some sympathy from the fans. And during their first match against North Korea, it seemeed as if the attempts by their coach Carlos Dunga to improve their game haven’t really succeeded. In contrast to most of his predecessors, this coach concentrates on tactics and discipline. However, these new qualities have hardly been noticeable on the team’s game. Just as at the 2006 WC the hardly-trained Ronaldinho moved lethargically across the field and the overweight Ronaldo scored his goals more through his massive presence than fine technique, this time Robinho ploughed without a target or plan through North Korean ranks and Luis Fabiano evoked every emotion, except fear of an approaching strike.

The Ivory Coast team should be a much more formidable opponent in the second group game in comparison to the Koreans. Although Ivory Coast was also unimpressive in their first match against Portugal, players like Didier Drogba, Yaya Touré and Abdul-Kader Keïta should bring more out of the Samba stars on the field. Until now, most African teams haven’t shown much. Perhaps Ivory Coast is satisfied with its role as an outsider, which takes on Brazil on the part of every other team in the world. It is hoped that the uninspired Ivory Coast game was attributed to their nervousness and the fact that Drogba, their most important player, was substituted in only in the second half. If the near-freezing temperatures during the first match against North Korea stood in Brazilians’ way of showing their full potential, perhaps the biggest fan expectations will be fulfilled and all can enjoy a great festival of football. This, of course, tops the list of everyone’s wishes.

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