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Webdesigner 6 Reviews

Wow! We just released the Webdesigner 6 in UK and Germany and we’ve already  spotted three reviews of Web Designer 6. It looks like that they loved it !

  1. IT Reviews
  2. Software Crew
  3. The OpenSourcery

One comment

  • Not Really. Webdesigner 6 is missing many tools to design top web pages when compared to Freeway Pro, Serif Web Plus 4. Truly, it lacks in Photo Editing, Add-In Effects, Flash animated photo galleries, Professional website & email templates, Use ready-made gallery artwork, Automatic alignment and dynamic guides, E-commerce Made Easy Tools, Web Gadgets Tools, Animated Photo Galleries and so much more.

    I find Webdesigner 6 to be nothing more than just a pretty window with some pretty icons to build a simple web page.



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