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Website of the Month – Cloud Nine Bridal Wear

This month we will be looking at a totally different sort of website – a bridal wear website. The website of Cloud Nine Bridal Wear has been set up with great attention to detail. You can see that already when entering the page. An animation starts where three images slide next to each other and form the banner. The website has a classic atmosphere, which resembles the house where Cloud Nine is located.

What’s interesting on this website is the picture gallery (under the button ‘Real Brides’). There is no need to click anywhere, you just hover the mouse over the pictures to enlarge them. This is a so-called mouse over-effect, for which you can find a tutorial here.

Each page also features the blue surrounded Twitter bird. The use of social media is clever if you want to keep customers updated without them having the need to visit your website. Here the use of our Web Designer also has its benefits: you don’t need to do anything with code. Just look for the plug-in or widget of your need in our Design Gallery. From there you can easily drag-and-drop the content onto your web-page.

Everyone can design a website with our Web Designer – both beginners and experts. And thanks to our vastly growing range of tutorials on the MAGIX Magazine, you can always learn something new to do with Web Designer! Especially if you own your own business, an internet presence is indispensable. Cloud Nine does this very well. They use their website and Twitter to keep interested people posted on events, they show a selection of their product range and they have contact information online! Are you still in doubt whether Web Designer is the software for you? Why don’t you try out the 30-day free trial version of our software.

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