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Website of the Month: Kersey Valley Zipline Aerial Tours

This month we will be looking at the website of Kersey Valley Zipline Aerial Tours. Kersey Valley lies in North Carolina, which is situated on the east coast of the US. The company offers ‘zipline tours’, and also sells these on their website. What is a zipline tour? Read on to find out.

‘What is a zipline tour?’. That is exactly what we thought when we first saw their website. Sometimes a picture says more than 1,000 words. This is such a case, because when you look at the video which is prominently presented on the home page, you will know what zipline tours are. Basically, you slide on a steel cable and ‘fly’ through the air, going from one pole tower to the next. The company has more attractions than just this, such as an outdoor laser tag field and ‘spooky woods’, where you will be scared late at night in the forests. A true dream-come-true for adventurers and people who want to do something out of the ordinary.

Adventure is exactly what we can see on the website. The colour scheme in reminiscent of nature, scouts and the outdoors. Did you know that you can change the colour scheme for each template in Xara Web Designer? The videos underline the adventurous aspect and entice people to visit Kersey Valley. The website is intuitive, looks good and has a good text/media ratio. It contains a lot of useful information, and to make things even more convenient you can even book from the comfort of your own home.

website of the month 0113 scr Website of the Month: Kersey Valley Zipline Aerial Tours

At the bottom of the website you can see a social media toolbar, which is always on the top layer of the page. This means that it will always be visible on the website, no matter which page you are on or if you scroll down. This widget allows visitors to like or visit the company’s Facebook page, or to share the website on Facebook on Twitter. Apart from this widget, the website also contains widgets from Tripadvisor and The Weather Channel. The latter allows visitors to check the weather forecast, in order for them to dress appropriately. After all, you’re flying through the sky, so it might be a little windy and cold!

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