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Website of the Month – The Rest and be Thankful Inn

Website of the Month – The Rest and be Thankful Inn

Widgets are getting increasingly popular on the Internet. Widgets are small applications that you can embed on your website. For example: YouTube videos, or a Facebook or Twitter plug-in. But also the weather forecast and date & time. With Xara Web Designer you can easily implement a whole range of widgets on your website. This month, we’re taking a look at The Rest and be Thankful Inn website, a hotel near Somerset in Great Britain.

The “Inn” dates from the 19th century. We can see that a lot of thought was put into the design of the website – the classic charm that this hotel has is also reflected on its website. The colors, a subtle font and the leaf motif around the edges convey a peaceful and warm mood. By doing this, the owner tries to mediate the hotel’s atmosphere to the website – which they did pretty well. With more than 35 templates to choose from, Xara Web Designer surely has one that fits your style. At the bottom of the page visitors get an overview of the most important information on the website, such as menu’s, function rooms, contact information and online-booking. All buttons are equipped with a so-called mouse over-effect, which we talked about last month.

This website thankfully uses widgets. We can identify a few social media buttons (Twitter, Facebook), and a Facebook widget where the hotel’s news feed is listed. The news feed contains information about hotel events and other promotions. When clicking on contact information, there’s a Google StreetView widget with a beautiful view on the Inn. Of course, the hotel is lucky to have such an excellent photo on Google StreetView. If you run a business and have such excellent StreetView representation at your disposal, be sure to use it! Not only does it help customers to find you, in this case it also serves as a marketing tool.

In Xara Web Designer you’ll find an amazing range of choice on widgets. Widgets can be found in the design gallery. Even if your widget is not in the design gallery, you can add it with HTML code and Xara Web Designer will directly implement it in the WYSIWYG interface, so that you can immediately see how it will look on the website. In the video at the end of this article, we will demonstrate just how easy it is to implement widgets on your website.

This website of the Inn makes good use of widgets. That is because the widgets that they use have added value to their website. Widgets can truly enrich your website, make it look modern and interactive. Watch out, though that its use remains professional. Use widgets for a purpose, not to decorate your website.

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