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Yellow Tools: Best instruments available in Music Maker MX and Samplitude Music Studio MX, Part 2

Yellow Tools: Best instruments available in Music Maker MX and Samplitude Music Studio MX, Part 2

Independence – Ultimate sampler workstation

In part 1 we introduced the idea of how virtual instruments can enhance your experience in MAGIX Samplitude and Music Maker. I compared the leap in your musics sonic quality as been similar to the difference between a bontempi keyboard and a Steinway piano. Drastic comparisons aside it is no exaggeration to say that the software instruments offered by Yellow Tools are nothing if not astounding. Having used Yellow Tools sample libraries for years I was aware of their pristine sounding, quality products, and attention to detail in recreating classic sounds that relate to modern music production. It should have come as no surprise then when after trying out their FREE instrument Independence that I would be absolutely blown away. Featuring a 2.5 GB sound library, all the classic timbres are covered. From drums kits (acoustic & electronic), synthesizers, acoustic instruments, and ethnic percussion to built-in step sequencers and arpeggiators. Its hard to imagine what more could you need, but more there is! Featuring a whole host of methods to process, modulate, and mix sounds, some truly wild and unique possibilities are available, all in a clearly designed and easy to use interface.

Awarding winning products

This FREE instrument just gives you a taste of what Yellow Tools have to offer. One look at their products shows that they have considered and researched what the modern producer is after and their reviews back this up. If you thought the free version of Independence could not be bettered check out their Pro version. The power of Yellow Tools instruments lies in the powerful sound engine they have developed. Using this, they created of host of unique sound libraries that are based on its powerful synthesis techniques and modulation options. With libraries ranging from cinematic textures to string ensembles and cutting-edge synthesizer sounds to some serious world percussion the possibilities seem endless. However I am sure the modern producer will have a shot at it! If you think you have seen and heard everything that virtual instruments have to offer, think again. Try out what Yellow Tools have to offer and get ready to turbo-charge your music recording software and productions.

Regarding quality, playability and product concept yellow tools products get awards from the international specialised press continuously.


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