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Youcast – Presenting the “Live Cast” template

Youcast – Presenting the “Live Cast” template

Especially for entertainers and vloggers! Starting your own live stream has never been easier.

Do you want to show the world how to make the most of baby blue eyes or to review the latest iPhone in front of a crowd?

Are your followers waiting for your latest makeup haul report?

Whether you’re a DIY pro, make-up artist or entertainer – thanks to easy operation and a straightforward interface, now anyone can start their own YouTube or Twitch live stream without any technical know-how.

Last week, we presented the new Live streaming software Youcast. The latest software from MAGIX offers the ideal template for your format: Live Cast.
We’ll show you how!

The right settings? Done

After launching Youcast, you can choose from various templates for live shows, gaming and screen capturing.

The Live Cast template is aimed at performing artists and vloggers who either stream live or want to plan their broadcast in advance.

Live Cast offers numerous editing options: you can design your own broadcast using, for example, custom media, such as photos, videos and music.

The sky’s the limit to your imagination! You take center stage!

You can quickly go to settings using the cogwheel symbol at the bottom.

Here you can choose whether the broadcast should be recorded and made public at a later time or if the whole thing should be transmitted live on You Tube and Twitch.


If you selected the Live Cast template, a webcam image will appear in the background when the program is in fullscreen. The background is the bottommost layer, above which all media placeholders, or so-called “trays”, can be arranged and edited if needed.

Optimally, you own a webcam with Intel RealSense® support. It is capable of extracting your outline and removing a messy room or your mom vacuuming in the back. This way, you can choose your own background. Anything is possible – be it just a color field, a cool video animation or a stage with Katy Perry performing.

By the way: Similar image masks are often used in film and TV. Chroma keyeing replaces backgrounds using green or blue screens. This is a complicated process, requiring a monochrome surface to be placed behind you and careful lighting. Happily, with a RealSense camera and Youcast, this trick works automatically and with no extra effort.



On Air with the latest media

After having adjusted your background to your taste, you can fill your live stream with your own media.

Add a new tray: click the button with a plus sign, select media type and position the tray as you like on the screen.
Your creativity knows no limits: Add text, images, music, videos or even a second webcam with just a click and apply various effects! Your tray’s size and position can be individually changed, so that you can comment on your photos from the last shopping trip while staying visible to your viewers.

Don’t forget: always save your changes.


“Push To Start” – getting to the point – going LIVE!

When everything is finally set, nothing is in the way of your live stream.
The “GO LIVE” button will take you to the broadcasting screen, where you will see all your trays in chronological order.
The order always remains the same: All trays are placed one on top of the other above the background..
During the live broadcast, you can replace the background and cue your media in and out in realtime. You decide whether you want to appear in the image or if your media deserve the viewers’ full attention!


Become a broadcaster and convince your audience!

Youcast is the simplest live streaming software for gamers, musicians and entertainers of all kinds.

In combination with platforms like YouTube and Twitch, you will find lots of space to find yourself and show your ideas to the world.

Download Youcast to your computer and get started with your stream right away.
You can use Youcast for free for 30 days!


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