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The 10 best Christmas idea videos on YouTube

The 10 best Christmas idea videos on YouTube

Year after year, Christmas remains the best-loved holiday for many. While the kids are still waiting to get their presents, adults are happy to spend more time together with the family (and, surely, to have some time away from work).

In this article we want to give you some inspiration for the Christmas season, both for those of us always late with making decisions, as well as those who are long done with their preparations.

Baking cookies and Christmas market atmosphere – winter delicacies:

For many, it’s an advent tradition to spend lots of time in the kitchen and bake cookies. Everyone has their favorites, be it a family recipe handed down from your grandmother, or just classic cinnamon stars.

We have created a “playlist” with all of 27 recipes for Christmas cookies, guaranteed to bring a smile to your guests’ faces:

Something interesting starts happening in Germany at the end of November: Little houses and kiosks appear on large squares, selling sweets, Christmas cookies and all kinds of trinkets – welcome to the Christmas market! And if you ask a German what’s their first and foremost association with Christmas markets, the most common response would surely be “Glühwein!” (that’s mulled wine, folks!), a national tradition of the season. And we wouldn’t want to keep you in the dark about the best-known Glühwein variation: Feuerzangenbowle. Now, if you’ve managed to untwist your tongue after trying to pronounce it, here’s how you make it:

Deck the tree and the halls – tips for decorating during the Christmas season:

Decorating the house for Christmas is as essential as painting eggs for Easter. While some get ready for an all-out war with the neighbors over whose house has the best Christmas lighting (we’ll show you what is surely one of the most beautiful examples at the end of this article), most are happy with managing to decorate the inside of their apartment. This tutorial video should provide some inspiration for adding some creativity to the place with your own two hands:

As long as we’re on the subject of Christmas decoration: Of course, the Christmas tree should also turn into a feast for the eyes. This short tutorial provides creative ideas for trendy do-it-yourself Christmas tree decoration:

Gifts with style – Japanese wrapping techniques:

Origami is what first comes to mind when we think about Japanese paper folding traditions. However, some easy and still beautiful ways of wrapping presents also come from the island of the rising sun. This tutorial explains one visually appealing method:

Even if the way to wrap Christmas presents explained above is very simple and quick, for many people wrapping is still a burden. Here’s a video of a former Japanese postal worker, where he explains how to wrap packages in a most expedient and easy way:


Last minute Christmas – ideas for your loved ones when the clock’s running out:

Wasn’t it Halloween just a week ago? And now Christmas morning is in two days! Whether you simply forgot or were understandably avoiding the Christmas shopping bustle, or maybe the online shop order is lost in the mail, one thing is certain: You need a present! Hopefully this video can help with a few ideas and inspirations:


If you didn’t have time to bake any Christmas cookies, then we have just the right idea for you. And the best thing about it? You don’t even have to turn the oven on!


Christmas on the Internet – hilarious videos for the holidays:

Almost everyone has heard of Jimmy Kimmel and his holiday challenges. His task for the parents last Christmas was to make a joke present and send him a recording of the children’s reaction. It goes without saying that there were lots of disappointed, raging kids on film. Don’t forget to watch the video, you’ll have that much more joy to open your own presents!


As already mentioned in this article, some people make it their task to transform their house into a sea of light garlands. If you add music and make the bulbs turn on and off to the beat, you’ll have a pretty impressive light show on your hands. But here, you can look for yourself:


Now that’s Christmas spirit! If you want to make someone who likes to photograph, record videos or make music happy, then our Christmas offers are surely a great gift idea!

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