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The 6 most absurd YouTube facts

The 6 most absurd YouTube facts

YouTube is known as the largest video portal on the web and enjoys popularity among more than a billion users worldwide. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that this platform harbors some exciting and absurd facts. Here’s our list of top 6 bizarre YouTube facts!

The Very First YouTube Video – Me at the Zoo

The very first YouTube Video was uploaded in 2005 by YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim. It shows Jawed in front of an elephant enclosure, where he talks about the adorable pachyderms for 19 seconds. But here, you can look for yourself.

Just a year later, Google bought YouTube for 1.64 billion dollars, a deal hailed today as a genius coup by Google. For comparison, Facebook bought the WhatsApp messaging service for 19 billion dollars.

Easter Eggs and the Harlem Shake

As you may have already learned, the search engine provider likes to hide a few surprises. After YouTube was taken over, an Easter egg was placed on YouTube.

If you enter “do the harlem shake” into the search field and press Enter, your very own Harlem Shake will start and the page will move to the beat of the music. Try it out!


While you’ve been reading this article, approximately 100 hours of video are being uploaded simultaneously. This corresponds to about 16 years of video material.

If this number continues to grow, an entire adult lifetime will be soon uploaded each day. 😉

GEMA Block

A somewhat somber fact unites the German YouTube users.

Everyone in Deutschland knows the irksome fact: approximately 61.5% of the worldwide 1,000 most-watched videos are blocked here. GEMA (The German Society for  Musical Performing and Mechanical Reproduction) often doesn’t grant end users the rights to these.


However, there are ways to get around this block. You can find out how this works here (in German)!

There would be no YouTube without PayPal

YouTube founders met each other at a different startup. Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim and Steve Chen first worked together building the online payment service PayPal. After just a short time, they had the idea to create what would later be the world’s biggest video platform.

Streaming – the Future is Near

We have something brand new for you to finish our list of YouTube facts. At the time of YouTube’s introduction, the classic video was considered “state of the art”, since the bandwidth of a single user didn’t allow for a direct stream.

Recently YouTube started offering the option to create so-called Hangouts, which let you stream videos directly from your living room.

Because many users find this challenging to set up, we created our broadcasting software Youcast. You can try it out completely free of charge!

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