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YouTube success with the right equipment

YouTube success with the right equipment

With over a billion users and 400 hours of video material being uploaded every minute, YouTube is the world’s largest online video platform. Recently, YouTube has become a full-grown trend, followed in large numbers by teenagers and young adults. YouTubers such as PewDiePie (38,677,000 subscribers), Gronkh (3,940,000 subscribers) and HolaSoyGerman (32,000,000 subscribers) are extremely successful at what they do and get the star treatment from their fans.

But even these Internet giants had their beginnings in their childhood bedrooms.

We would like to show you which hardware you need to produce your own web videos for YouTube.

The right hardware for your You Tube web videos

The camera

The type of videos you’d like to make will determine which camera you’ll need. A smartphone is enough to start. Today’s built-in cameras offer crisp, high-quality images and fulfil the primary requirements expected from a camera.

However, a tripod is always a good idea. This way you’ll avoid shaky shots, making it easier for your viewers to follow your video. If you want to be able to walk around with the camera, you will need a steadycam. The mount will ensure that your images aren’t jerky.

You can further stabilize your videos during editing. You’ll find an article about Video stabilization in our magazine.

Would you rather start professionally right away? Then we recommend that you invest in an SLR camera. Even the biggest YouTubers use the DSLRs to film their fascinating videos. When choosing a camera, pay attention to the battery performance and a jack for an external mic.

Specialized cameras exist for so-called vlogs, or video blogs. They are small enough to fit into any pocket, letting you take them along wherever you go. In addition, the little-camera-that-could has great resolution and a powerful mic. But they come with a relatively big price tag.


The microphone that’s right for YouTube

The one-in-all cameras do have a good microphone, but for YouTube, an extrenal mic is essential because the sound it offers is simply much better. Here, your choice is between a directional microphone and a lavalier.

  • A lavalier is a small mic that can be worn on a shirt. This prevents echo in large rooms and ensures better sound. One disadvantage is that the microphone runs on round cell battaries. It can happen that the mic stops working in the middle of a recording, and you must redo the shot from scratch. In addition, lavaliers aren’t well suited for outdoor recordings.

  • A directional microphone is simply plugged into the camera and remains connected to it. It is powered by your camera’s battery. Don’t forget to purchase a wind muff, also known as a deadcat, for your mic. This is a soft cover that makes it possible to work with a mic even in strong winds and bad weather, minimizing bothersome noise.


You can find out more about microphones in our article “Which microphone do I need for which purpose?“.

Lights, tripods & Co.

A tripod is a necessity. If your camera keeps shaking or zooming in and out, your viewers will have a harder time watching your video.

You’ll also need a memory card with lots of space, since video files tend to be quite big. You can easily transfer your files to your PC or laptop and edit them there with a Video editing program.

Try to illuminate the room with as many sources of warm light as possible in order to create a pleasant atmosphere. You can also resort to specialized video lights that can be attached to your camera. The result is that in exchange for a small investment, your face will always be perfectly lit. If this isn’t enough, you can purchase professional studio lights. These often come with a Softbox and create optimal, even lighting for the room.

If you’re filming outside, make full use of sunlight. You’ll hardly need additional lighting to get perfectly lit shots.


Practice makes perfect!

You’ll most likely be less than pleased with your first forays into web video making. But don’t get discouraged – every hobby requires dedication and traning. You’ll get better and better, and your videos will have a more professional appearance. The most important thing is that making and uploading your videos to YouTube should be fun! Be it interviews, comedy or beauty tips: Hardware is only secondary to content.

Are you still looking for Video editing software to work on your videos? Then try MAGIX Movie Edit Pro for 30 days, completely free, and convince yourself!

You want to start posting on YouTube, or you already have a channel of your own? How did you perceive your first strides? Write about your experiences and share tips in the comments section below. We love hearing from readers!

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