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MAGIX Magazine – tutorials, tips and info about Video, Audio, Photo & Graphic, Web and much more!

The MAGIX Magazine is a corporate blog that will keep you informed about MAGIX and its Multimedia Software.
In the Magazine you will find easy tips and tutorials to make software and technology easy and exciting in your daily life.
Whether you are interested in Video editing, Photo & Graphic editing, Music composition or Web design, while browsing our Magazine you will always find the right inspiration.
Short and right to-the-point, easy to understand, and providing the most direct way to the best solution — these are the rules of our Magazine.
The interests and questions of our readers and customers are always front and center when we decide on our topics.
For this reason, we are happy to receive feedback from our readers, through Twitter, Facebook or commenting on the Magazine.
The articles are mainly written by the MAGIX Social Media Team which consists of young creative people coming from all around the world who now live and work in Berlin.
Please have a look at our netiquette.

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Our Website: www.magix.com
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MAGIX Online World: www.magix-online.com
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